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Title: Ice plastics
Post by: weltzing63 on 09/07/17 22:34 UTC
Hey Everyone! Finally got into selling plastics! Only sticking to Panfish baits for now. Please check out our website and facebook page! We post fishing reports, pictures, etc. Also have sun shirts available in short and long sleeves!
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: weltzing63 on 09/07/17 22:35 UTC
Facebook page is called Panfish Pursuers....dor sale items u see the shop tab on Facebook.

Thank you,
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: Steve J on 09/08/17 04:45 UTC
Very well done!
Good luck.
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: Lines on 09/08/17 06:14 UTC
Very cool page. Awesome photography, very, very nice work. Good luck to you guys!
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: weltzing63 on 09/08/17 09:47 UTC
Thanks guys! Feel free to like our Facebook page as well !
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: WALLEYE WACKER on 09/08/17 11:08 UTC
Great site and awesome work.
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: ctom on 09/13/17 00:41 UTC
Pricing? It would be helpful to know what a guy is looking at cost wise next to the product.
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: weltzing63 on 09/14/17 21:55 UTC
Ctom- if you're on the Facebook page, pricing is under the shop tab. If you go to the .com website, scroll down the page  and you will find pics of the plastics as well as pricing below each picture. We are working on making it easier on the website as well!
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: ctom on 09/15/17 07:15 UTC

Nice looking baits there, very clean and well-finished.

I will say that I like your front page comments on the c/r issues and replica use, especially on large sunfish/bluegills/pumpkinseeds. While I love a meal of fresh fish I generally only eat crappies or walleye/sauger and I have no problem at all promoting much tighter limits on these fine fish. Kudos on the replicas' use. I catch a lot of the panfish mentioned but return all but those who have been hurt enough that they won't comeback around after attempts at reviving.
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: weltzing63 on 09/15/17 19:44 UTC
Thanks Ctom. We are just getting started, have a lot to add!

Lawrence does a great job on all of his mounts. He really shines with his replicas. The detail of his work speaks for itself. Take the time and look through his photos, they will amaze you!
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: weltzing63 on 10/12/17 16:21 UTC
Just got in our header cards. Thoughts?!
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: ctom on 10/12/17 17:01 UTC
I love carded baits that have the baits out front where they can be seen without flipping the package. Nice, clean graphics that don't take your eye away from the product. Good job!

Ironic it is....I have a quart sized zip-lock full of Nuggie and Micro Nuggie baits right here on my computer desk, so I recognize that style of bait in your picture. The baits I have here are about 15 years old and as good as new.  Until I began making my own baits about 7 years ago I used Nuggie and Micro Nuggie baits right along side of the Culprit Paddletails. I cannot begin to estimate how many fish fell to these baits, but there were days when those little sucker absolutely smoked fish when nothing else would start to turn them. Its nice to see someone making a similar bait.

Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: weltzing63 on 10/13/17 05:54 UTC
Thanks Ctom!

I would have to say the micro nuggie has been my go to plastic ever since I purchased the mold, roughly 5 years ago. It paired with a 2.5mm akara jig is a deadly duo. My biggest crappie to date fell to this combo last winter in the naifc championship.
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: Lines on 10/13/17 06:28 UTC
Those look very nice! Good luck to you guys.
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: ctom on 10/13/17 06:37 UTC
Maybe 10 years ago a friend and I did a walk around at a local ice fishing hot spot one nice day. No auger, a few jigs/plastics, and no locator....just going from hole to hole that were open and not being fished. There were maybe 75 anglers there and it was one of those days where nothing but dink perch and small sunnies were being caught. I used a small jigging demon with a pink micro nuggie on it. My buddy the same but a white micro.

We literally just went from hole to hole and it didn't seem to matter what the water depth was as the crappies were laying about 14" under the ice, and I suspect they were pecking small insects off the bottom of the ice cap. Nobody was marking these fish because they were so high up in the water column. We just dropped the jig down and gave it a second to settle at about 12" under the ice and then twitched it to give that tail a little wiggle and POW. We were just playtime fishing, keeping nothing, and ended up catching maybe 100 crappies in the 12 to 14 inch range just wandering between people sitting on buckets doing nothing. Some asked what we were using and we'd show them. None had so much as a jigging spoon let alone a nuggie of any denomination....they were all stuck on bait! We didn't use corks and I don't think either of us fished more than the first 6 feet of line on the rods. lol Its was hilarious to walk up to a hole and smile at a guy sitting 8 feet away that hadn't seen a fish for twenty minutes then drop a jig in and pop a crappie in ten seconds....and then put the fish back down the hole.

Gotta love those small plastics and crappies. They fit together like a well designed shoe on a foot. I no longer do much ice fishing but I do make a ton of Do-Its Wax Wigglers, Ice Ticklers, Nano Fry, and Ice Pick baits for people wanting to scale down in bait size. I make nothing on the order of the bait you make nor the nuggie but I could go nuts with a mold like yours. lol I still take this bag of nuggies to the docks in the fall to fish crappies and they generally see some action each trip. They're a dynamite bait. Happy to see you making them.
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: weltzing63 on 10/13/17 07:13 UTC
Awesome story! Love those kinds of trips to local hot spots. Happens quite often on one of my favorite lakes to ice fish. This time though it is the 1" ice stinger in a custom pink color and purple flake. This color paired with a gold jig of any sorts is HOT on this particular lake. Using my own handmade long rod that nobody has seen before in this neck of the woods, really gets the crowd looking...they are dumbfounded to see me throw a 13" crappie back down the hole, since on this lake the norm is to get your 10 and go home...many on lookers coming to investigate and play 20 questions,  I'm happy to share though!
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: Muskygary on 10/13/17 07:59 UTC
What do you guys think about color when ice fishing? I ask because I'm a poor ice fisherman! I poured up some clear plastic with only UV blast in it to try this winter. Wondering if I should make up some pink and maybe red ice ticklers ? Any advice?
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: weltzing63 on 10/13/17 08:12 UTC
I think color plays a role, but so does the jig size and size of plastic equally. I fish a lot of dirty water and the purples, reds, pinks, blacks are a good choice. Also fish quite a few clear water lakes, and the same thing, pinks, reds, purples blacks, Brown, etc. There's that saying about using natural colors in clear water and bright colors in stained not a huge believer. I believe that you have to find the active fish, get on the schools, and jigging technique.

 I'm not huge on the UV nor do I fish them at all. Glows have their place and time, but I typically don't use them. 
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: ctom on 10/14/17 09:27 UTC
I think you're in line on colors Weltzing, just dump the pink. lol Blood red, black, purple are always good colors under the ice. Still, the glow and glow red, glow purple are fish catchers too and the uv enhanced will also do their part in catching fish. More and more in the last few years I have been impressed with very late season and very early season open water results using clear/glitter baits and by earl I'm sharing open water with ice.

I also found that ice anglers are a market and most will want colors that you maybe do use personally and the best way to stall a business is to not offer what THEY want....just food for thought here. I make 9 colors in what I call my "angler pack" that offers 20 of each color but personally only used three with any regularity and still only use those three in early and later season open water if and when I have to size down my plastic offering.

"I believe that you have to find the active fish, get on the schools, and jigging technique."....this I absolutely think is the most spot on advice on could give. In my last years on the ice I looked like a non-conformist when it came to where and how I fished. I simply fished in areas where larger and more fish were feeding and stayed entirely away from community locations for the most part, yet its amazing how close in proximity to those community the better bite was actually taking place. The last three years I was on ice I never took the pop up, just fished sitting on the open side door of the van. I flicked the locator on just long enough to show the depth some mid-column fish and then set the electronics back in the van. In most instances I was within 100 feet of the so called hot spot all by myself looking like I hadn't a clue. My secret was that 95% of the time I used the same sized plastics and colors that I normally used in open water. These were fished on 1/32 and 1/64 ballheads without collars, just like in open water. Everybody thinks that ice makes crappies eat daintily. Wrong. Small crappies eat that way...the big guys EAT and the overall size of what's being offered plays as much a part as color. Think back to those jigging spoons with the nuggies. That was not a demure bait being dropped down, maybe 1 and a half inches overall. Finding those feeding fish just opens up a whole other bunch of layers to the catching equation, but its a dynamite first step.
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: weltzing63 on 10/14/17 09:47 UTC
Pink is HAWT! Lol, but I would say my top two catching colors last winter were red and pink. Pink with a little purple flake actually.. I definitely agree about fishing the outside edges of the burbs (shanty towns). When there's a lot of noise and pressure in one area the fish tend to move, not a lot, but just far enough away from the noise.

Don't be afraid to drill a lot of holes! My tournament partner and I have converted a Milwaukee and dealt drill set ups with 5" laser augers. Fast, light weight, and very quiet. I also whole heartedly believe that the bite doesn't just "shut down ". The fish MOVE, be mobile and follow that school of fish!!
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: Muskygary on 10/14/17 11:15 UTC
Thanks guys, very interesting subject. With the ice being so late the last couple of years (and expected to be late this year) would you look for the fish (in open water )to still be around the deep holes? Or where would you expect them to locate?
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: weltzing63 on 10/14/17 15:05 UTC
All depends on the body of water. Typically you will find fish first in the same areas as you will during late fall though.
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: Muskygary on 10/14/17 15:10 UTC
With this fall being so warm, I'm going to leave my boat in the lake, put some 4# line on a couple of reels with ice jigs and see what I can learn!
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: ctom on 10/14/17 15:42 UTC
I'll see crappies staying on docks much later into the deep fall when water temps are still warmed than they should be but a lot of that is because the shoals of pin minnows are found in and around those docks. During the day those dock suck up heat and the heat is dispersed into the water after the sun sets and this helps hold the forage. Chronologically though, crappies are creatures driven by more than water temps and forage and one day they'll be there and catchable, the next day they're gone, nary a trace of them. I can move from the marina to where I know they are during the winter and there they are. Like many creatures, moon phase and available light will move fish for no apparent reason so don't bank everything on water temps.
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: weltzing63 on 10/14/17 21:21 UTC
All this talk sure gets me fired up for ice!!
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: Paneltruck.lures on 10/14/17 22:01 UTC
All this talk sure gets me fired up for ice!!

Yeah me too, the problem is I live in Oklahoma.......

I have wanted to go ice fishing since the first time I saw a ice fishing shanty on TV probably when I was in middle school
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: Lines on 10/15/17 06:51 UTC
I'm sort of in agreement with a comment my friend made. Ice and fishing do go hand in hand, as long as the ice is covering my Miller Lite inside the cooler.
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: ctom on 10/15/17 07:37 UTC
SE Iowa might not dole out too much safe ice, depending on how much of that Miller Lite you enjoy.  ;D

I gave up ice fishing because of a number of things, mostly because I'm getting old and too independent to fish with somebody if the itch hits. I've been thru the ice three times and gotten lucky. At some point I figured the luck would run out. My biggest concern was falling on the ice and breaking a leg, or arm, or hip. Broken anything is not on my list. And there are aspects of ice fishing that over the recent years prior to my stopping I quite simply do not agree with anymore and chose not to be a part of it, but that's personal.

On nice days when holes stay open I'll wander out and fish ice some but I am not serious about it. I just enjoy being out when the weather is nice. I make ice baits for many people and a shop or two, but even that has gotten cut back a little.

If you want to have some fun with a buddy, try this.

I did some remodeling for a friend. He and another guy were going to Lake Mille Lacs for three days to fish and were planning on sleeping inside their hub shelter. I finished up my work just before he came home to pack and leave so I waited on him. He had his stuff all laid out and as a prank I took a piece of aluminum foil and cut out a half dozen little circles using a paper punch and stuck them shiny side up on some clear packing tape and then stuck the tape to the face of his transducer and trimmed it so no edges showed, then packed the locator back up nice. They got up there to fish but it was soon apparent that something was not right with his locator...seems he had some fish that appeared at the same place in the water column regardless of the depth or power his unit was operating on and had red lines all over the place. His body had no problems. Fret time set in. By midnight he was drinking heavily since he couldn't use his locator to fish. Drove him nuts. On Saturday morning he drove all the way back to the Twin Cities, leaving his buddy out on the ice, to find some place to check out his locator. When he finally found a shop open I guess he about wet himself when those little dots of foil were found  and the best part was he could never figure out how they got there in the first place but his wife took the brunt of the blame, but of course she could look him straight in the eye with a straight face and tell him she had no idea what the heck he was talking about. Then he started looking back at people he last fished with and was suspecting them. After a couple months I asked him if he ever found some tape with silver dots on it stuck in his carpeting saying I couldn't find that which I'd had when I was doing his remodeling. I finally fessed up but that tape drove him nuts.  Which fits in pretty much with every ice angler I ever met. I'm just happy I'm cured. 
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: weltzing63 on 10/15/17 10:33 UTC
Wow, he really couldn't fish without his vexilar could he?!  I would also be lost without mine, but it's sometimes nice to hole hop without lugging the vex around. Electronics are virtually useless if fishing any type of backwaters/shallow water. We fished some backwaters on the Mississippi a couple of years ago and we found big slab crappies that were holding up in shallow water weeds. Im talking 2-4 FOE. Something that I've never experienced before.

 Long rods rule these types of waters.  We are currently making a couple of changes to our prototypes and will be revealing our Panfish Pursuers line of long rods soon! 
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: ctom on 10/15/17 11:01 UTC
All I use anymore are a couple 6 foot rods I built on St.Croix blanks that were custom made-for a business and rated at 1/64 ounce and 2 pound line. I really snuck in on these two rod blanks. I paid $9.00 each for these suckers and wouldn't trade either for $500.00. I use 2 or 3 pound Nanofil on size 750 Shimano Symetre reels on these. They are my dock rods big time. If I happen to wander over to the trout lake here in town I take a little longer rod, 6'3" on an ultra-light frame and fish with 1/32 and 1/16 ounce stuff, most jigging spoons tipped with a small plastic tail for some color. I use the same rod if I happen to do walleyes but I seldom do ice any more. Its got to be darned near lawn mowing temperature for me to get on ice.

Its amazing how many people who claim to be good anglers haven't a clue and are crippled if they don't have their electronic addiction with them. I have a locator in the boat but use it only to see what the bottom is like and water depth. I sold my Marcum a year before I stopped ice fishing as I seldom used it. I know a lot of river backwaters that hold crappies just about all year that are seldom over 6 feet deep but they all have one thing in common.....weeds. Even in the winter. 
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: Lines on 10/16/17 06:24 UTC
Been through the ice a few times myself, but not fishing. Went through breaking openings for decoys, duck hunting. I gave up the Miller Lite some years back, but still agree with the statement. :D
Title: Re: Ice plastics
Post by: weltzing63 on 10/16/17 18:25 UTC
I somewhat agree on the people who claim to be experts or great fisherman judt because they own rlectronics, but If one uses electronics as a tool to improve themselves and or uses electronics to find things that otherwise cannot be found like submerged trees, stumps, vegetation, cribs, etc, they can be a great tool.

I own a vexilar and most recently a humminbird 9 mega SI. I'm not claiming to be an expert at using them or a great fisherman, but I let my pictures speak for themselves ;). Man, do I love the humminbird. I have found sop many cribs, structure, stumps that hold fish in the middle of NOWHERE!! more particularly on a lake that I have been fishing for 10 years. Decided to scan part of a bay that I have never saw a role fish before , and wouldn't you know. Loaded with cribs and fish!!!