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Title: One for the birds....
Post by: ctom on 05/16/18 18:11 UTC
A year ago one of Carole's cousins asked if we wanted this bird bath that one of his neighbors wanted off their property. Its a three piece unit: the bowl, the bottom consisting of three seahorses and a gnome as tall as the assembled bird bath. The gnome is holding a large fish....go figure. This set was in bad shape with I have no idea how many coats of paint or what type it was but all of the pieces were peeling. The cement where the paint was off was beginning to break down, but always good for a challenge we brought it home. I put it in the garage and started peeling and chipping off paint in my spare time, finally getting after the paint that was still firmly stuck with a wire wheel and finally a sand blaster. The whole bird bath seen here was sand blasted. Next two coats of grey primer were applied and allowed to harden a couple weeks before three coats of white epoxy was brushed on.

I just got the base leveled this afternoon and the bird bath assembled on it. It took my neighbor and I to move each piece and to assemble them.  What's shown here, minus Carole, weighs in at over 300 pounds....hopefully enough to herniate any of the thieves that seem to like walking away with people's belongings like this. 

Anyway, stage one is finite. Now its on to the gnome a chip at a time. I have plans for him other than just white so it'll likely be a year before he's ready to be un-covered.

Title: Re: One for the birds....
Post by: WALLEYE WACKER on 05/16/18 23:13 UTC
Bird size hot tube
Title: Re: One for the birds....
Post by: Lamar on 05/17/18 05:49 UTC
  You'll enjoy that. My wife has bird feeders and houses all over our yard. Plus we have a bird bath and a small gold fish pond up by the house. It amazes me how many birds go in and out of that water. Every morning I sit in the sunroom and watch them play as I have my coffee. It's a great way to start your day watching such simple life.
Title: Re: One for the birds....
Post by: ctom on 05/17/18 06:57 UTC
I have three suet, four thistle seed and two peanut feeders right out the computer room window where I have my morning coffee most days. Those are just what's in one location. We have several oriole feeders in different parts of the yard as well as a feeder tree next to the drive way. I replaced one of our four bird baths with the one seen in the picture. We too love our birds.
Title: Re: One for the birds....
Post by: Paneltruck.lures on 05/17/18 07:38 UTC
Oh wow my grandmother had that same bird bath in her back yard when I was a kid. That’s wild

Sounds like you put some effort in on that project but I’d say it was worth it by the smile on her face.