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Title: heat stabilizer , eyes , colours
Post by: Darryl Keighley on 06/12/18 21:02 UTC
Hi everyone my questions today are
1. When should heat stabilizer be added i.e preheat ? and how much per 8 oz is 1ml enough ?
2. When I put my eyes on my swim baits I then dip in clear plastisol as I have found this the most effective way of keeping them on . is there a quick way of doing it or is it just a time consuming task ? the two methods I have used are dipping and hanging baits this leaves a nice finish on the heads but a blob on the end which needs trimming off when set. no.2 dipping heads and dropping in a bucket of water this is quicker and there is no blob on the end of bait but the finish is not great. does anyone have any other suggestions ?
3. When reheating my plastic I have no problems with burn in all colours except a pearl white powder that I use could this be the pearl or the silver glitter that is in the bait the glitter is a heat resistant one and this is the only pearl colour that I use.
thanks in advance guys cheers Darryl
Title: Re: heat stabilizer , eyes , colours
Post by: Muskygary on 06/13/18 06:04 UTC
I use heat stabilizer when ever I reheat plastic. Also if I am starting out with a piece of plastic that was left over, I also give it a squirt. How much? I never measure, but fifteen to twenty drops per four ounces has always been enough. The eyes I do the same way as you. The light colors are the easiest to burn.
Title: Re: heat stabilizer , eyes , colours
Post by: ctom on 06/13/18 06:28 UTC
I dip my baits in the clear while holding the tail, then immediately tap just the very end of the nose on the lip of the plastic cup to get the excess to drip off and then SLIDE the bait nose first into the water fairly quickly. This will avoid the sags and rippled finish gotten by dropping the baits in the water.

The stabilizer goes in when the raw plastic is mixed. It also can be stirred into the hot liquid plastic. If I know I have plastic I will want to remelt or reheat I will add stabilizer white it’s still hot enough to stir it in so it’s in the plastic already when either takes place. This is especially a good practice on light or easily burned colors when a reheat or remedy can create hot spots in the cup of product.
Title: Re: heat stabilizer , eyes , colours
Post by: Darryl Keighley on 06/13/18 21:12 UTC
thanks so much guys you are always so forthcoming with your great advice one thing I am learning is that with most things in life if you want it to turn out right it has to be slow and steady.