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Title: What a whirlwind trip....
Post by: ctom on 06/20/18 20:42 UTC
Tuesday morning Carole and I met a friend for breakfast at a local joint, then the three of us set sail for Kenosha, Wisconsin. My friend Gary is moving away and wanted one last tango with us so he had a charter booked on Lake Michigan for some salmon fishing. What a riot.

Weds morning we were up at 4AM and caught some light breakfast at the motel then headed to the marina to meet up with Stellar Charters in Kenosha and we were off fishing. We rode in a 32 foot boat with some serious power from a pair of 454 engines. Our 6 mile ride didn't take long and soon we had 7 lines out as we wove across a break from 35 foot water to 70 foot water. It took 15 minutes for the first release to pop a rod. From that point on we had fairly steady action with three doubles and a bunch of lost fish. A great lesson learned was that an old man cannot reel as fast as a coho that's decided to go the same direction as the boat. lol

We had a six hour charter and had our three limits of coho and king salmon in about three hours. Nothing huge came to the net but 4 to 8 pound cohos and kings are darned fine eating so nobody bothered to complain. Our guide Shane, the big burly one in the picture is quite a guy: a decorated, two tour to Afghanistan Marine vet, a school teacher and tile layer as well as a seriously talented guide, he had us on fish constantly and kept us entertained with his great humor.

This was a super trip even if it was a somewhat of a quickie.....basically over, sleep, fish, and then drive back....not quite 700 miles in two days. Every mile and every minute wonderful.


This was a first for Carole, a chartered salmon trip, and the look on her face when those fish decided to take off was absolutely jaw cracking funny.
Title: Re: What a whirlwind trip....
Post by: Paneltruck.lures on 06/20/18 21:05 UTC
What an awesome trip. You have some pretty good friends. Get some sleep now that your home
Title: Re: What a whirlwind trip....
Post by: WALLEYE WACKER on 06/20/18 23:01 UTC
Glade you had awesome action. Looks like you have some smoking in your future.
Title: Re: What a whirlwind trip....
Post by: Muskygary on 06/21/18 04:02 UTC
Great trip! No one get sea sick? I took my two sons and two grandsons out a couple of times, but we had to give it up. One grandson always spent the entire trip seasick, but they were fun trips.
Title: Re: What a whirlwind trip....
Post by: ctom on 06/21/18 08:49 UTC
Gary in the picture has a 17 foot boat that we have out-fitted with down riggers and fish Lake Superior with, often in waves up to six feet and we don't get sick. Carole doesn't get bothered by motion either. So no, nobody got sick. I know people who get seasick watching waves from shore. People who suffer from it sure miss out on a lot of fun.
Title: Re: What a whirlwind trip....
Post by: basscatlildave on 06/26/18 20:25 UTC
Good times.