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Regular airbrush cleaner for the first two or three washes, then straight denatured alcohol for the last couple rinses. Seal Coat is water soluble. Brush is clean and free for the next round.
Now your putting the pearls in Seal Coat and spraying it on the lure through your airbrush? What are you cleaning your airbrush with after your done?
It'll be a couple days Aaron before I can get pictures up. I want to have hooks hanging for the picture. I may do a short video of then for facebook too.
Many of these pearls are said to be best mixed with black paint and some are said to go atop of a black base. I've tried the putting the pearl in the actual black airbrush paint and haven't had great luck in doing so. I've added reducer to try and slow the dry time down so the pearls can come to the top but the paint simply dries too fast. So....I tried something else. CS Seal Coat, straight from the bottle. It dries crystal clear and is thin enough to transport the pearls to the bait as a top coat but has a slower dry time than the regular airbrush paints. It been working real nice for me.

In another thread I mentioned doing 4 crank baits in a black base coat and then using a green to gold to red for the sides and bellies of all four. Mixed with the Seal Coat this went on like a chief. The bellies were coated heavier and as the spray went up the sides of the baits I was able to feather the coat out real well. Then I mixed up four different color shifting or chameleon pearls to do the backs and feather the colors down the sides so that the green-gold-red faded right into the top color. Absolutely beautiful the way the Seal Coat lets a guy melt two colors together.

I let the baits hang for two hours to harden up, then added eyes and dipped the baits in a jar of the CS Seal Coat and hung them by the line tie to drip and dry. The top coat set up hard already so I moved the box they are hanging in into the furnace room where some higher heat is . As I moved them I took time to take a closer peek at them and all I can say is wow....iridescent plasma to the max.

The four baits are done in their own back colors and are really pretty basic paint jobs. No scaling or other wild features, just a belly and a back color with gold eyes. When I get the hooks hung I'll get a picture up of the 4-some for ya'll. Probably be a couple days.
I’d like to see them Tom we probably all would get some pictures tomorrow for us.
General Discussion / Re: Made my first injection mold
« Last post by basscatlildave on Yesterday at 19:53 »
Great job. I need to make one but can’t seem to find time.
I did 4 cranks this afternoon using a green to gold to red color shifting for the bellies and then 4 different color shifting or chameleon colors for the backs. I lost my natural light so I'll have to wait for morning to see how they look. I put everything over a black base color. I did the box trick for supporting the painted baits for drying and it works classic. Looking back over at the table with the box on it holding those baits shows some of the color change even in crappy lighting but I still need to see them in good light.
Painting and Finishing Lures / Re: First air brush
« Last post by WALLEYE WACKER on Yesterday at 18:13 »
Them will get the job done.
General Discussion / Re: Made my first injection mold
« Last post by eyedo on Yesterday at 16:52 »
Congrats. On your first good pop mold.   A big smile on your face when you catch your first fish on a bait that you made from scratch.    If your first fish is a dink don't worry if little ones like it so will bigguns..    best thing is that there is no bait you can't have once you make you own masters. Once you find what the fish in your area want you can make a better bait better colors than you can buy.   That will give you an edge  and more smiles.   You can hybridize other baits to make your own.    A paddle tail is harder to carve to get it perfect so I buy several and use the one I want for that bait.   I air brush some and paint most with spikeit solvent base paint  that doesn't have to be sealed . You can use spikeit sb clear to mix with powder and or glitter to paint them . About 1 out of 3 turn out the way I want it  who cares at about 25 cents per mold .  You will go thru more plastic but for me this is the fun part .   

General Discussion / Re: Made my first injection mold
« Last post by WALLEYE WACKER on Yesterday at 16:13 »
Glade it turned out for you.
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