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Photo Gallery / Re: First pours today
« Last post by WALLEYE WACKER on Yesterday at 23:50 »
Looks like a great place .
Photo Gallery / Re: First pours today
« Last post by Paneltruck.lures on Yesterday at 21:42 »
It sure was! Wes Watkins reservoir is east of the OKC metro and very well maintained. It's nice to have a short drive getaway. Being in a metropolitan area with almost 1.5 million people gets me down at times. I grew up on the edge of town in a town with less than 20 thousand people. I like this lake it has some great camping spots. My back won't allow for primitively camping anymore but I'd like to buy a good used camping trailer after I buy a new home which is what I'm working towards now.

Photo Gallery / Re: First pours today
« Last post by ctom on Yesterday at 21:24 »
That sure looks peaceful.
Getting Started / Customer Support / Re: swivels
« Last post by ctom on Yesterday at 21:23 »
Welcome to the Do-It forums hd. Page 41 of the paper catalog shows the entire line of the bass casting weights that use a swivel.

#3, #7 or #1/0 depending on the sinker weight.

Photo Gallery / Re: First pours today
« Last post by Paneltruck.lures on Yesterday at 21:23 »
Tested out our lures tonight no hits on them but I didn't feel too bad nobody else I saw out there either on boat or from the bank was getting any bites.
Getting Started / Customer Support / swivels
« Last post by hd60greg on Yesterday at 21:07 »
what size swivels do ya use on bass casting sinkers?
Here is the green pumpkin lizards
yes it had some flourscent orange in it and some pumpkin, So that explains why they was glowing, thanks man you have helped a lot. I made a cup of green pumpkin and did half the cup without the UV enhancer and the last half of the batch I added the enhancer, Also did some in just clear which you can really see it like in the shaded yard. Pretty neat stuff to mess with
General Discussion / Re: 2017 Fall Bait Build Off
« Last post by efishnc on Yesterday at 14:44 »
Thank you for the quick response! I will try to get a couple done and sent in this week.

Welcome Tightliner812.

It was well past Ryan's bedtime when he answered, so you should feel especially thankful for the response...  ;)

I (we) look forward to seeing your work!
I use about 1/2 of the bb sized nugget of uv enhancer to a 4 ounce batch if that helps. Black lights best show the glow of uv. A seemingly tiny amount goes a long, long way when it comes to whether fish see it or not. I have to look hard at my baits to notice any enhancer tinging sneaking thru.

Baits that "glow" without any enhancer? Are those colors fluorescent by chance? There are additives in fluorescent colorants and dyes that make them brighter because they gather lots of uv from the sun. A uv light would act the same as the sun to some extent..
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