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Fishing Techniques and Rigging / Re: Fishing in the rocks
« Last post by Muskygary on Today at 13:06 »
In Indiana we don't have much rock. Most of our lakes are marl or sandy. You find the crappies scattered along the weed line. My favorite jig is the aspirin  head in 1/16 or 1/8. I usually put a eye on it so I don't have to bother with eyes on my plastics. (Usually fish it under a bobber)
Photo Gallery / Re: Ripper
« Last post by Mike J on Today at 11:33 »
Definitely one of my favorites Tom.
Photo Gallery / Re: Ripper
« Last post by ctom on Today at 09:48 »
That pro blue color can be layered with a ton of other colors and as a stand alone color it is superb for walleye/sauger and smallies. Crappies will play with it too.l
Photo Gallery / Re: Ripper
« Last post by WALLEYE WACKER on Today at 09:37 »
That a killer combo MJ.
Fishing Techniques and Rigging / Re: Fishing in the rocks
« Last post by ctom on Today at 08:51 »
I pretty much use just collarless ballheads for all of my crappie fishing and that includes rocks. The one exception is that I'll use a collarless ballhead mold and cast a #6 wacky hook into it at 1/32 ounce and a size 2 wacky hook for larger heads up to about 3/16 for fishing rip rap and wing dams or even sunken rock piles. The more forward eye of the hook allows this jig to swim way more natural and also allows me to crawl the rig over and around rocks without getting hung too often and then its more from the head itself falling into a crevice and not the hook.

Rocks are one of those structures that a guy has to plan on losing a few heads in if he is going to fish rock successfully. In some instances a slip or fixed float will let you fish over rock  without issue but if the wind/waves come up that float won't prevent hang-ups unless its set way above the rock. What I have found on crappies [and sunfish] relating to rocks is that they will suspend over them or in the cast of rip-rip along side of them and the closer the fish are to the rock the more active they tend to be. On rip-rap I find the most active fish are usually where the rock and the mud bottom meet but rip-rap crappies can be active anywhere in the water column along the structure.
Fishing Techniques and Rigging / Fishing in the rocks
« Last post by CrappieCat on Today at 08:33 »
For Crappies ,
Cast and retrieve method,
What is your preferred jig head style
that you use for less hang ups ?
Is one better than good old round head.
Photo Gallery / Re: Ripper
« Last post by Kyle on Today at 08:32 »
That's PERTY
"The floating plastic MF sells now (named SuperFloat or Bounce) is something Jeff formulated more recently."

Yo Super this is what Jeff recommended for me and I have 2 gallons on the way.
Have you encountered any problems with bubbles?
Request a Lead Mold / Re: Ice Fishing Lead Mold.
« Last post by Agronomist_at_ia on Today at 01:59 »
Do-it has a crappie jig mold (3277), but it uses a straight shank hook. I was thinking about making these and bending the hook shank 90 degrees and seeing how they would work, but like a lot of things, I haven't gotten around to trying it.

Been there done that.
Lines gets the credit Andy.

I had odor issues with that floating plastic from MF so I didn't suggest it. This was maybe 6 years back so they possibly changed something to get rid of the smell...stunk up the whole garage something fierce.

I made up the new Do-It ice baits using the duplex mold that makes the to sizes of segmented baits using he Crystal Clear soft plastic for a guy late in the ice season this year and he fished the smaller size on a 1/80 ballhead without a collar and the plastic almost floated that head. As I understand it the jig fell but so slow it was nearly stationary....took forever to drop five feet for his sight fishing.

I'm sure the OP is making bass stuff so this Crystal Clear probably would not fit his needs.

The floating plastic MF sells now (named SuperFloat or Bounce) is something Jeff formulated more recently.  I have been in a testing phase partnering with MF for my shop since January and have beat the snot out of it any way you can come up with.  Jeff and I have compared notes and talked through every phase.  I have gone through gallons of the stuff, heated, heated, and then reheated, etc.  I have cooked it, overcooked it, added all brands of colorant, glitter, etc.  Because of all I found, I am now using this plastic exclusively on almost everything in my store.  The only exception for me are harder swim baits that I don't want to float.  I am using another brand for those.  Hope this helps!
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