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Photo Gallery / Gotta try this combo
« Last post by ctom on Today at 09:38 »
As a rule I like chartreuse tails on things, but this spring I have begun using more of the chartreuse as a back color in shad-like baits. I was doing some project stuff this morning trying to beat the 95 degrees forecast for today and had a couple cups of plastic still hot, one being chartreuse, so I heated up some re-melt  bluegill-clear and injected this 1 1/2" minnow bait with a forked tail using the chartreuse as the back color. The picture shows the baits belly up.

Half of these will go into a chartreuse favored jar of Gulp juice and the remaining will see a jig as is.

The chartreuse is Essential straight up from the bucket, stabilizer, uv enhancer, a couple drips of green x2, a few drops of Bears fluorescent gren and then finished with X2 chartreuse and a wad of blue hi lite. The clear is Essential, stabilizer, uv enhancer, and a mixture of equal parts of purple, green, blue and copper glitters along with two 2 inch pieces of purple cracker plastic.

There's plenty of flash in this combination and its easy on the eyes too. I'm thinking it'll get notice by the local crappizoids.

Yes, especially the fallen and thier families who paid the ultimate price for us.

 "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." (John 15:13)
General Discussion / Re: Southern friends
« Last post by WALLEYE WACKER on Yesterday at 22:51 »
cc1 be safe and basscatlildave have a safe trip. BKJ hope you guys are off the rig.
Thanks to those that serve so we have the freedoms we have and remember are fallen brother’s , sister’s and there families.
Yes thank you so much!
General Discussion / Re: Thank You Veterans and Surviving Families
« Last post by ctom on Yesterday at 20:43 »
General Discussion / Re: Southern friends
« Last post by bassinfool on Yesterday at 20:15 »
I'm headed to the Dominican Republic for the week.  If my grass wasn't growing fast before we left, it will be 4 feet high by the time we get back! Definitely going to be a wet one for my friends and family back home!
General Discussion / Re: Southern friends
« Last post by cc1 on Yesterday at 20:04 »
Well we have been moved out of the cone.  Stay safe everyone and hopefully this thing will move quick and not drop too much rain.  Way too early to start this season like this.
General Discussion / Thank You Veterans and Surviving Families
« Last post by Lines on Yesterday at 19:05 »

Thank you for protecting us all. God Bless You & your Families.
General Discussion / Re: Southern friends
« Last post by ctom on Yesterday at 18:53 »

Its just too early to have to worry about hurricanes. On a national holiday too. Stay safe !
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