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Crappie / Pan Fish Jigs / Bat Jig /Crappie Jig
« Last post by Shaunm81 on Yesterday at 14:27 »
Anyone use Bat Jig? Been thinking about getting this mold but is it hard finding hooks for it? Any other company have a wacky style hook that is compatible ? Do it molds I  clicked  on the link for the hooks and says there not available.  Crappie jig mold worth picking up? Been considering it also . Thanks
Fly tying does seem to offer its own satisfaction aside from standard tackle crafting. It almost therapeutic in a way. Time consuming, yes, but satisfying. I find myself tying more in the winter months when it’s too cold to be casting jigs or pouring plastics. Most of my tying involves making small ice jigs. I’ve researched standard flys and have adapted them for ice applications. Nothing wrong finding inspiration and adding your own tweaks. Here are a few I recently did. The first is a standard scud, that thing catches some gills! The second is my own creation. There are some neat thing being done with epoxy and tungsten for ice jigs, and I just tooled around and came up with what I call the chicken hawk. It’s just a tungsten bead on a small size 14? (Can’t remember) with Mylar wrapped on the hook shank and a sliver of soft hackle, then epoxy. I used a UV cured for these. Bottom line have fun and experiment

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Amen to that WW  ;)
Photo Gallery / Re: Just a few Crappie baits
« Last post by Shaunm81 on 02/17/18 23:34 UTC »
 Ctom im hooked on that changeable motor oil lol. Thanks lines and everyone else appreciate it but trying to get more good pours getting a good bit demples in a good bit of my pours and its driving me crazy. 
PTL DON’T matter what it looks like if it catches fish awesome ties like that by me are gill getters.
That's how it is done! Nice work paneltruck.lures.
Soft Plastic and Plastic Baits - How To??? / Re: Crab soft plastic
« Last post by Lines on 02/17/18 21:33 UTC »
They are cool. Should work very well.
The brand is (Charlie's) out of Stuart Florida.

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Went to the little panfish creek by our house hoping for enough little guys to fry up for dinner.
It was a slow day. 1 catch and 1 nibble between the group of me and the 2 oldest boys. I’m going to blame the United States Air Force for the slow fishing.

Where we were fishing is about 2 miles from an Air Force base and about 5-6, F-16’s were flying super low and loud on and off most of the day. Had I not been trying to fish it would have been a cool sight. I have a feeling it was scaring the fish it was about the loudest I have ever heard it even in all the years we have lived near the AFB. If it wasn’t spooking the fish I’m going to use it as an excuse.

Towards the beginning I threw in a black, blue gill fly I tied on a number 10 Mosquito hook. Water was murky so I thought black would be the way to go. I got a nice bite and started reeling it in and figured out pretty quickly it was more than a blue gill so I got worried I’d lose the fish on the tiny hook. I was able to put up a better fight than the fish and hauled in a nice 2 pound large mouth bass.

It did feel great bringing in a fish on a fly I tied my self with some Hobby Lobby craft feathers and no pattern. Looks like a wet rat in the picture but It looked good to the fish so I was happy.

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Soft Plastic and Plastic Baits - How To??? / Re: Crab soft plastic
« Last post by Lines on 02/17/18 21:13 UTC »
Spelled your name wrong!
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