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Photo Gallery / School in session
« Last post by DobynsTriton on Yesterday at 21:51 »
hand poured into 10cavities per run and popped out 50 quick

  Gus 1969, If you find some, I need some too. Maybe someone will have a pint, or so they would sell, be glad to purchase half, if you would want to split it.
I don't think I will be able to let it go.
Color Cook Book / Re: Good pearl white
« Last post by Bass in the hood on Yesterday at 19:19 »
only recently have I struggled with my pearl white powder I started out using LC pearl powder it worked great until recently maybe my powder has gotten old but my color comes out grey/silverish color. I have less of an issue when I add salt because the salt is white and affects the color usually adversely but in this case it helps because I'm looking for a flat or duller looking white with a touch of pearl.
The do-it pearl is great but very difficult to get the flatter color that I'm looking for. if I use just a little its to translucent especially on laminates and if I use more it looks great but too much pearl for what i want.
I was going to order more LC to see if possibly the one I have has gotten old (i'v had it for a few years). I noticed the LC has a liquid white pearl as well. I was going to order both to try out.
I do not having issue with yellowing I do use a inexpensive microwave and a pot for larger batches. I will only have yellowing issues if I over heat or after several re-heats.
Good luck on finding a pearl that works for you.
Will you be willing to sell me some
wow, I just completed some blue craws with red flake from MF. I did not know they discontinued that color
its a great changeable color.
One of my more popular colors for craws and occasionally for worms.

That pic was saved into my "paint this next winter file" ! Perfect blend of colors and colors that are proven successful on the upper Mississippi for bass and walleyes. A++
Color Cook Book / Re: Good pearl white
« Last post by andrewlamberson on Yesterday at 18:07 »
My "white" is Mo Milk in Essential plastic and I have no issues with yellowing because:
1. I have a cheap low power microwave. I am very confident that high power microwaves cause most of the yellowing issues no matter what plastic you use.
2. My first heat is 1 minute long, stir with a digital thermometer. NOT an IR!
3. I then heat in 30 sec or less , stir and carefully heat to 350 on the initial run.
4. I reheat to 320, depending on the mold.
5. STIR  between heats to eliminate hot spots.

I used to have a more expensive high wattage microwave and no matter what plastic I used it would burn if I wasn't careful. Yes, some formulas have more heat stabilizer than others, but it is a trade off for other attributes.

Just wondering why folks that use the Rite Hete pots or other "stove top" heating methods don't complain about yellowing or micro bubbles? I think the problem is more with the microwave process than virtually any brand plastic issue.

That's my opinion from 10 years in this hobby.
Color Cook Book / Re: Good pearl white
« Last post by Cami on Yesterday at 17:35 »
Have you ever thought to use mica powder from artcraft stores? The edge of a tea spoon is enough for half cup and you will obtain a dense white pearl.

Painting and Finishing Lures / Re: My New Lipless Crankbait Pattern
« Last post by Porkrind on Yesterday at 14:44 »
Great looking lipless, Porkrind  :o

Below is a link for detailed instructions on posting photos. We host photos now. Hopefully this makes it easy for you.

To post a photo:

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Thanks Kyle, I've been able to post in the gallery no problem and I've even posted a few pictures in the threads before but not many. This time I kept getting the error that my photos needed to be jpg.'s and that's how I saved them I even downsized the files so I just figured i'd throw the link in there to the gallery as there was a photo in there of it. I appreciate it.
2) Choose File

3) Click on post where you would like to place the photo

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