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General Discussion / Re: Thanks Guys.
« Last post by Slow Burn on Today at 15:18 »
Hey Slow Burn, who did your stickers for you?

A buddy of mine made the design, but FedEx Kinkos made the actual stickers
Photo Gallery / Re: Some old timers....
« Last post by ctom on Today at 15:06 »
Ha! What a turn around the Alewife offers in plastic. This is about 1/4 tsp in 4 ounces of plastic. fairly strong I'd say but not a bad belly color.

Here are some 2 1/2 Fry baits done with this as the belly color and the backs done in both black and a strong purple/florida grape.

There are a couple baits on the left flipped over on their sides to show the color of the belly.

The backs are brushed on color shifting pigments of various names and colors they shift to.  The back colors come into play on the finished colors at the angle the picture was taken and the picture was shot outside in natural light. Inside these things are all over the place with colors. lol

I tried some baits as line baits with a belly of clear super sparkle and this Alewife as a line color but the air just wasn't going to have any of that today even with the room heated. I think my poring spoon was too cool. I'll try another day and will heat the spoon better.
Glad to hear y'all are ok - she deserves a great big hug and pat on the back for getting it shut down and on the side of the road!!!!
General Discussion / Re: I didn't need it.....
« Last post by TommySkarlis on Today at 14:12 »
I have a friend at church who grows his hair long. When it get about a foot long he donates it to a place that makes wigs for cancer patients! Talk about good causes.
  I'm looking for a source to donate it to, so far - my stylist hasn't found the source! (yes - I said stylist: Which means DF will nock me down to -3 power again!)  :o

No I haven't but I'll let you know how they work.

OK - My crappie partner Mike Baker shoots a lot of docks on LOZ -  I'll get the skinny from him - see if he ever used them.  I also know some guys that use a single wire weed guard for going over the cables and chains, etc.
General Discussion / Re: No wonder you guys up north hate winter
« Last post by Lamar on Today at 13:37 »
  You live up north you'll learn not to follow semi's to close. Even my work truck looks like a snow cloud behind it the first four miles or so.
Crappie / Pan Fish Jigs / Re: Swimbait tail molds co.
« Last post by ctom on Today at 13:03 »
Which mold are you looking at? Check those stone molds first as they make an equivalent baits for half the price of the aluminum. Finances made me go the stone route for now but the aluminum will be gotten in a month or so.
Photo Gallery / Re: Going for midnight chartreuse
« Last post by ctom on Today at 13:00 »
They green out due to the black laid right next to the chartreuse. IF you wanted more of a chartreuse to show you could adjust the belly color to get there, but these are darned nice. I can see that combo done in the 4" Ring-It for walleyes.
Photo Gallery / Re: Trout
« Last post by DobynsTriton on Today at 12:50 »
Crappie / Pan Fish Jigs / Re: Swimbait tail molds co.
« Last post by alwrenn on Today at 12:49 »
The machined molds are that, machined. I have seen one in hand and from this company, like Do-It's cut molds,  they are done excaliber, super good detail.

Thank you ctom!
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