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helpful tip.....
« on: 10/15/17 19:54 UTC »
Someone here asked about a color cookbook a while ago. Cookbooks are nice but they can't beat looking at the actual color. In addition to all the X2 colorants I have I also have over 50 M-F colorants and a few from Spike-It. To help me decide on colors when I am matching or customizing a color I have several plano boxes with 2" dividers in which I have samples of all of these plastic colors. I run 2" masking tape across the top of the covers and have the recipe in drops per 4 ounces over each cell beneath it along with the color maker and color name. When I want to see how a color matches something I am working on I go to the boxes and start snooping. Its amazing how much time this saves and how much clearer colors are in living color instead of just a written recipe and colors over the internet simply cannot come close to having the color in your hand.

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Re: helpful tip.....
« Reply #1 on: 12/17/17 01:56 UTC »
Thanks for the post CTOM. I am just getting started and to my way of thinking this is a good idea, provided one has the room for all the box's of different colors they come up with...