Author Topic: close call Tuesday  (Read 382 times)

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close call Tuesday
« on: 03/01/18 08:18 UTC »
A 6 year old girl out walking with her father on an ice covered pond went thru and had to be rescued by professionals. She was treated for hypothermia and later released.

This occurred within 40 miles of home where we are seeing some much warmer temps and melting even into the evening and night time now. This is the first incident I have heard of this year but I'm sure there'll be others. People need to be careful now when taking to the ice even if its still 20" thick. Green or black ice can be a real problem even for foot travel so be careful out there guys.

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Re: close call Tuesday
« Reply #1 on: 03/01/18 18:30 UTC »
So scary I can’t imagine as a parent. Glad everything worked out in the end for this girl.
One of our 8 year old hockey teams played in a tournament in Fargo 2 weekends ago and all the parents were talking about driving the kids out on a lake up there and I’m sitting here going you fools are driving whole  groups of kids out there on the ice and we only see ice in glasses here. You clowns don’t know what your doing nor do I so we should stay off the lakes.
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Re: close call Tuesday
« Reply #2 on: 03/01/18 19:23 UTC »
Dey walkin' on snowballs.  Why does this seem like fun? Snowballs crumble when dat syrup pours onto it, and who can walk on syrup?
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