Author Topic: Denny says "Hi"  (Read 383 times)

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Denny says "Hi"
« on: 03/01/18 18:02 UTC »
I just got off the phone with Denny and Rosemary and Denny said to say Hi to all of you. Lamar in particular.

Both he and Rosemary say they are fine and Denny is still getting better. The last time I spoke with him he said he thought he was ready to maybe post a little but his memory issues have gotten in the way of that but he still has the thought right there. I told him when he felt comfortable with it he was always welcome to jump back in.

Denny said that he feels like he's getting stronger by the day....that surgery really popped him big time. His check ups are very positive and his doc says it takes a lot of time to come back from where he was at before the knife. Anyway, Denny made me promise to say Hi to you all, so mission accomplished.

Lamar...check your messages .


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Re: Denny says "Hi"
« Reply #1 on: 03/01/18 23:42 UTC »
Talked to him a couple of weeks ago and been praying that the memory thing will get better. Sure miss him hear.