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I tried it
« on: 04/23/18 08:21 UTC »
.....but the lake was up a foot and a half. The water was heavily laden with silt and surface garbage, plus its still only 44 degrees with ice in many portions of the lake yet. No fish. No hits. Pretty simple outing today. Drove to the lake and drove back home all before Carole was out of bed. We finally have the weather, now we just need to tell the fish.

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Re: I tried it
« Reply #1 on: 04/23/18 12:38 UTC »
I feel a lot better now.  I went out saturday to test out my new rod.  Caught 12 bluegills and 4 bass.  Can;t find the crappie.  I went out again this morning and strangely enough 12 bluegills and 4 bass.  Gonna try a conservation lake tomorrow that usually a later crappie spawn and see if I remember what a crappie looks like.
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Re: I tried it
« Reply #2 on: 04/23/18 15:34 UTC »
Tom the water is just right by me. Olsarge glade you got to get your rod bent.
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