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« on: 07/28/18 08:11 UTC »
Ma and I took a few days to hit the cabin. I did some casting for lake trout and actually managed to land one...line kept breaking whenever I got hooked into one. I found a cracked tip top so....And then there was the ever present tall grass that needed mowing. Try 17" tall.

I got the garage opened up and started the tractor only to realize a front tire was low so I pulled up to the garage door and went in for the air pump. I must have bumped something and knocked a bee off a hive that was just above the door and of course the damned thing fell inside my tee shirt. Ya'll know what the outcome of that was. So I used a chuck of 4X4 to schmuck the bee hive and the bees still in it. Then as I was getting the air pump ready I stirred up another nest of the ugly suckers and got nailed again in a leg. After hosing that nest down with WD40 I knocked it off and stomped it. I gave the garage a shot of bug killer and got to mowing but I have to say those two stings were nothing short of misery for three days. Both swelled up like balloons and being on blood thinner of course they bruised big time. When the swelling went down the itching began and they still about drive me nuts.

I like honey but these critters do little to make any. The bees have been crazy at home too and I have already found one ground wasp nest earlier this summer and poisoned it. Where are all these things coming from. I can't remember ever having this many wasps/hornets.

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Re: Bees
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Not only that, but it's almost time for the fall yel Be careful1low jackets.

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Re: Bees
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Unfortunately, I have a ton of bee stories.  I think the one that stings the most (pun intended) was after I retired from the Air Force I took a job aspolice officer in a nearby town.  I was driving to work one day when a bee flew in my truck window, went down my shirt and proceeded to sting me under my ballistic vest.  I can only imagine what I looked like when I pulled off the side of the road, jumped out of my truck and proceeded to strip off my outer layers.  I know I got the publics attention because when I got to the office the dispatcher looked at me and said "what were YOU doing on your way to work".  Good thing it wasn't a rattlesnake.
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Re: Bees
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Glade you found the issue with the tip top and now you can catch’em instead of breaking off. We have wasps/hornets by me they like to build in the peek’s and between the gutter. Also this year they tried a new spot right by the front door but I fixed that. Bee stings suck.