Author Topic: Most Successful/Consistent Panfish Lure?  (Read 1012 times)

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Re: Most Successful/Consistent Panfish Lure?
« Reply #15 on: 10/22/18 20:45 UTC »
Thought I would revisit this thread with a new idea.  I just received a new mold from jacobs baits.  It is the 1.38 inch bream bug.  This thing is killer looking and shoots like a dream..  The only problem I can see is trying to keep all of those legs straight.  I am going to experiment with some hardener and see if that helps.  I have shot it 3 times today and I am tickled pink with it.  It is going to be a serious bream killer.

I use the 2" a lot open water and the 3/4" is a great ice bait.

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Re: Most Successful/Consistent Panfish Lure?
« Reply #16 on: 10/30/18 11:14 UTC »
3 baits 1 mold.  As I said earlier I have been experimenting with the 1 3/8 inch bream bug.  The original bait I am sure will work wonders but I started to look for ways I could make a different looking bait out of it.  The bait itself has 10 legs plus 2 tails, so it is a busy looking bait.  I plucked off the 2 tail sections so that I am using the last two legs as a tail, it has a nice wide fork to it and resembles a mayfly nymph tail.  I also plucked off the 4th set of legs so now it has 6 legs and a forked tail.  Very nice looking bait.  My 3rd bait idea was to simply pluck of all of the legs.  I will be hooking it wacky style on a 1/32 or 1/64 oz jig heads as a mealworm maggot type bait.  This will be a fun spring
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