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Great Day
« on: 11/17/18 09:56 UTC »
Still not fully recovered (six more injections in my back on Monday) but a beatiful day beckoned so I limped around a local pond in hopes of some fresh fillets.  Started out using a 2 inch paddletail (baitmold) and had success almost immediately caught 7 really nice crappie the largest of which went 14.5 inches.  Switched up to a pearl 2.5 inch mo magic and caught 3 more crappie and 2 small bass.  Finally tried a homemade panfish magnet (created by cutting the tail off of a 1.5 inch Thump it grub and splitting the body-yeah I am still playing with my baits, and caught a 10 inch red ear.  Have another warm spell supposed to hit next week, hope to hit it again.
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Re: Great Day
« Reply #1 on: 11/17/18 10:25 UTC »
Way to go Sarge.....14.5"....really nice crappie!


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Re: Great Day
« Reply #2 on: 11/17/18 19:24 UTC »
Hope that the shots help your back issue’s. I would take the good fishing as a sign that things are turning around for you.
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