Author Topic: Invitation to "Guests"  (Read 24330 times)

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Re: Invitation to "Guests"
« Reply #45 on: 06/19/15 17:29 UTC »
Are you gonna take that Mo??? Lol.

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Re: Invitation to "Guests"
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Just remember when going out and buying a product that is cheeper is like going to a Chinese Pet Store: "Buy one dog, get one flea."

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Re: Invitation to "Guests"
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Justin....apparently.... so are his fishin' buddies! :-*

" You can't buy happiness...But you can buy fishing gear...and that's kind of the same thing"

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Re: Invitation to "Guests"
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Easy now lamar you don't want to offend our . wonderful global trading partners.

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Re: Invitation to "Guests"
« Reply #49 on: 07/07/17 15:43 UTC »
While I have Denny on my mind I thought I would give a bump to this post. I may have never joined this forum if I hadn't read this,  so thank you Denny!

At any given time, day or night, we have between 40 - 60  80 - 100 forum members on line.  During that same time we have between 200 - 400 300 - 500 "guests" visiting our forum.  I'd like to offer an invitation to all of our guests to join and become a member of the forum. 
Membership has many benefits:
1.  You will have the ability to communicate directly with other forum members about those things in which we share a passion.  Instead of being on the outside looking in, you become part of a group that will soon become your friends.  You will have the ability to share your thoughts or ask your specific questions.
2.  The forum is made up of over 700 members from all over the fishing and bait making world.  We have everyone covered from the weekend angler sitting on the bank to the BASS Elite pro, to the outdoor writers and bloggers, to the guy who can't spell gud, from the salt water guys to the high mountain trout fly anglers to the valley lake boat people.  Regardless of what we fish for, we all have the passion to catch a fish on something we made. 
3.  Our video library is extensive and covers everything from safety, to making spinnerbaits, to pouring hot lead and plastics, to how to catch stripers from a kayak.  Although the forum is owned by the Do-It Corporation, it contains product reviews...what works and what doesn't...even if it slams Do-It.  We are patriotic, we mourn together for our losses and we lift up those in need.  Like any other family we bicker on occasion, but we make up quickly and are usually the better for it. 
4.  For you younger guys, forum membership is essential because it allows you to pick the brains of those who have been there.  For us older guys we have the pleasure of sharing a lifetime of knowledge with those just starting out.  It just makes you feel good about yourself.
5.  Every now and then Do-It offers forum members discounts and other incentives on products.
I could go on about the benefits, but won't.  You already get the picture.  The only thing missing from the forum is you.  It's easy to register, just a couple non-invasive questions and you're in.  I look forward to meeting you.