Author Topic: Strike King Rage Blade  (Read 1787 times)

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Strike King Rage Blade
« on: 12/24/13 11:07 UTC »
The rage blade is a chatterbait with the lead molded on the blade. The blade will drop quickly to the bottom (straight down) I wonder if do-it could come up with a mold something like this. The blade could be a different style so as not to infringe on pattens. I am going to try this bait, but I want to take the skirt off and put on a smoking shad! I will then use it for snap jigging for walleye and smallmouth. Any ideas from you guys? (On sale at Tacklewarehouse)

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Re: Strike King Rage Blade
« Reply #1 on: 12/24/13 15:58 UTC »
I like fishing them.X2 on ditching the skirt & replacing with swimbait. When I fish it with just a swimbait I feel it gives my swimbait a different action to the fish.Other than the tail action & rolling action it also makes the whole bait fly to one side then back to the other in a split second

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Re: Strike King Rage Blade
« Reply #2 on: 12/24/13 16:16 UTC »
I'd like to see a copy of a lure called the Blade Dancer. I think Berkley made it. I caught a bunch of fish on them.  Not sure why they stopped making them. Anybody know where I can find some?