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Sinker molds not filling to complete bank sinkers

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I have a problem new to this but my bank sinkers about 1out of4 will come out ok the others in the mold only 1/2 fill but lead comes out the top like it's filled  help

If it's a brand new mold, it could be that your lead isn't hot enough. What are you melting with?
If it's a used mold, give it a good cleaning to make sure there isn't any tiny bits of lead stuck anywhere (vents and that area)

x2 with jl but what size are you pouring??  Make your lead hotter and tilt the mold at an angle as you pour it in, you might have to let it sit a bit longer after being filled so they harden up.  If your ladle pouring and have a pointed pouring side you could take a tri angled file and file a fine groove perfectly in the center of the tip to make a fine pouring groove. 

When I used a LEE hot pot II ladle I did this and it really helped. 

Let us know how you make out!!

It could be WHAT you are pouring too. If you are using wheel weight metal you'll find that there are a dozen different metals that make up as many different alloys and when mixed in the hot pot they can bring headaches to even larger capacity molds.

By the way, welcome to the Do-It forums. Lots of happy help here.

Did you smoke your mold or use casting release spray on your mold first? Makes a big difference in easy mold pouring.


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