Author Topic: Chopper 90 baits  (Read 2150 times)

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Chopper 90 baits
« on: 07/23/23 14:21 UTC »
Here are some Chopper baits in the 90 size . Baits similar to these have been really productive of late so I decided now was good time to try my hand at them. There are some challenges but for the most part they are great to work with. Tomorrow will determine how well the fish like them.
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Re: Chopper 90 baits
« Reply #1 on: 07/24/23 07:18 UTC »
 My dad when he retired every summer rented a trailer spot on Lake of the Woods for the whole summer. That is the only bait he would toss the whole summer long. He just loved the top water bite and if they wouldn't bite it that day he would go back to the camper and enjoy the view. Not to many people could fish that way but he said I'm now retired and only going to do the things I love. When I'd go stay with them for a week I would toss a little white spinnerbait and out fish him 10 to one but when he caught one he would just laugh and say I told you so.

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Re: Chopper 90 baits
« Reply #2 on: 07/25/23 14:32 UTC »
Nice looking colors ctom!

I like this style topwater too, and have acquired several in various sizes. I have Whopper Ploppers, & Choppers and some ebay no names and frankly don't see much difference in them other than the wire on some of the ebay lures are lighter diameter.

I haven't caught anything on the bigger sizes yet, 130 & larger, but I expect they'll do fine for Stripers in the fall. I've dressed the rear trebles too on some of them with feathers, so we'll see how that works.

I won't put away the poppers, spooks or other topwater lures I have, but want to give these more time to see if they'll be worth having.

I had previously bought several Hogy through wired poppers in 3/4 & 1.5 oz. when they had them on sale & added a few Tsunami poppers they came out with that are through wired. The Stillwater Smack-it poppers have always been good but also have gotten costly and scarce and these others are similar, and likely the reason they've been introduced.

I also won't be giving up on buzzbaits either, and it's really great to have so many options!  ;D

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Re: Chopper 90 baits
« Reply #3 on: 07/25/23 20:03 UTC »
Tom, those are some great paint jobs for sure.
For the waters I fish the 90 has out fished the 110 size hands down on smallmouth. Still holding out hope for a musky on either of them. The top producing color for me has been the T1000