Author Topic: Been in the deer woods....  (Read 147 times)

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Been in the deer woods....
« on: 11/17/23 23:32 UTC »

I took this one with my black powder pistol at 62-64 yards and it dropped on the spot. I also took a doe with a new-to-me smokeless muzzleloader. I have enough meat now to do some sticks, summer sausage and cut-muscle jerky. There's something just really rewarding in hunting with the pistol and taking a crafty animal like this deer is just.... it. I spend half of my hunting days using the rifle and the other half toting the pistol and this year they both went bang.

I mixed the 9 days of hunting with a day of fishing that turned out to be a dandy as the crappies had a feed bag on. While I love the fall fishing I really look forward to those few days of sitting on a stand and watching the woods and the creatures that call it home. Very peaceful. I give the binoculars a workout and also put out sunflower seed for the birds so I can watch them up close. I like making my sausage and I like just sitting up in the stand. I didn't see any heavy headed deer this year but then that's hunting.

The guns are cleaned and the fishing rods are ready for next Monday already, then we're supposed to hit the deep freeze. While I live for the four seasons I find it each year a little more trouble having to welcome winter ,but at least I managed a full fall.
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Re: Been in the deer woods....
« Reply #1 on: 11/18/23 15:38 UTC »
Very nice!!  pouring season is coming up with the cold so I know you'll be busy!! Can't wait to see the pics of the fresh batch of goodies!

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Re: Been in the deer woods....
« Reply #2 on: 11/19/23 07:53 UTC »
Very nice. My son and have been but no success yet.