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84 degrees
« on: 06/11/21 13:05 UTC »
....surface temperature when we got started fishing this morning in a Mississippi River backwater. Up a full six degrees from Tuesday's high surface temp and the fish were very tough today. We boated three nice buckets between 4 and 6 pounds. All of the bass came from deeper water. Three pike also made it to the boat [2 others came off] but none were what I would call exceptional. 1/16 weighted hooks cast on a Do-It mold and either a 4" Ripper or a 4.3" Fat Swing Impact, pro blue/red pearl. Early, as in just before the sun got up, I had one huge smashing hit on a  5/8 ounce Spro Frog. It was a very long cast to the edge of some pencil reeds right on a four foot break. I didn't see the fish but my buddy got a gander of it and said it was a large pike.....the only top water taker this morning.