Author Topic: "Flunder Wunder" feat. jigging spoon & bucktail teaser for winter flounder  (Read 207 times)

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It`s been 10 years now that I took inspiration from the John Skinner Fishing channel, but I finally got the adaptation right for my home waters and managed to get a decent visualisation. 

I combined Do-It jigging spoon, sliding cabura rigging and flounder teaser into a highly effective hybrid lure that triggers small mouthed-flatfish feeding envy instead of summer flounder predation. The video is in German but you get the idea. The lure is tipped with lugworm or Gulp Sandworm, the latter requires a little more sophisticated presentation to get bit. In fact, that is the reason you see me using real bait for underwater footage with the Water Wolf inline-camera and Gulp for the action cam footage on board. It is extremely hard to get Gulp-level lure action right with the camera in the line.

The combination is a game changer for small mouthed flatfish and extremely successfull comercially. I get the bucktail teasers directly from China at 30ct, the finished item sells like hot cake at 10$.

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Smart looking lure Bucho.

Those smaller fish are sure aggressive.
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