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The new paints
« on: 03/22/24 09:50 UTC »
I had a chance to play with three new powder paints yesterday. Interesting colors.

The Disco Firetiger is an eye popper for sure. I hand-dipped everything so the picture of it isn’t a fair assessment due to the heavy glitter load on a head with detail. Spraying or an air-bed application may yield a less bulky coverage than what I got. I think on a ball head this color would be a super walleye color. I’m going to try thinning it with clear to do some 1/16 crappie heads. The glitter is not a large flake, just tons of it in several colors in a fairly clear base.

Of course the camera’s filter mixed the nice glitters in the Halloween and Blue Fleck colors. I did double dip each of these colors. Personally I thought they were too transparent for a single coat but others using different application methods may find a single coat fine. The Blue Fleck, seen on the largest jig, looks exactly like the Blue Fleck plastic colorant and has some blue flake that is very fine in it. Nice color. It pairs real well with a Junebug colored bait. The Halloween color is a trickster for the eyes. It almost appears to be a dusty, thin purple over a thin brown…. until the viewing angle shifts and then a hidden blue hue washes over it. Halloween has some copper flake along with what appears to be purple, but honestly it could be blue. Hard to tell given the shifting of the paint itself. These two colors will fill nitches in bass colors nicely.

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Re: The new paints
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Nice paints!!

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Re: The new paints
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