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Title: Heat Guns
Post by: olsarge on 11/13/20 12:07 UTC
What kind of heat guns do you guys use?  I bought the Wagner heat gun at Lowes last year.  Two weeks after I bought it it stopped working .  I took it back and exchanged it.  Two days later it stopped working also..  Don't mind spending more $ just want some reliability.  Thanks in advance.
Title: Re: Heat Guns
Post by: brandx112679 on 11/13/20 12:14 UTC

 I did as you you did I paid a little more any got the waggner, it last only for a short while. So the next one I bought at harbor freight, on sale.Paid about half as much as I did for the waggner,Iv'e run the heck out of it and have had no problem.  Maybe I just got the one bad one they made that day, but wasn't going to buy another, if they only lasted a short period of time.
Title: Re: Heat Guns
Post by: WALLEYE WACKER on 11/13/20 12:54 UTC
I’ve got a Wagner that I’ve had for years and haven’t had a problem.
Title: Re: Heat Guns
Post by: 21xdc on 11/13/20 15:04 UTC
My Wagner is 7 years old and works great..... So Far!  :D
Title: Re: Heat Guns
Post by: ctom on 11/13/20 16:26 UTC
My Wagner is probably over ten years old but then I don't live with it on either. It always works when I need it to. I have a hairdryer that I bought for 50 cents at a garage sale that has two speeds and temp ranges. On the hot range I can see why some women look like Phyllis Diller....swear I could strip paint with it.
Title: Re: Heat Guns
Post by: efishnc on 11/13/20 18:44 UTC
I also have had a Wagner in my shop for years (with no issues) handed down from my uncle, but the best heat gun I have ever used (professionally at work)  is a Porter Cable.  It has a highly variable heat range, something like 300-1200F, and is a dream to operate because of this; if memory is correct, it was right around $40.