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Title: tail color weekend
Post by: ctom on 04/25/21 14:56 UTC
Cold, windy, half-rainy....this weekend just seemed to sit there so I decided to do baits for tail colors yesterday and today. I cooked almost 3 quarts of plastic in chartreuse just to make tails for several of my pet baits. 1.5" Thump-Its got first nod, making about 500 baits just to clip the tails. A mess of 4" Ring-Its were done in chartreuse. The crappie fluke was done in about 120 chartreuse to cut for tails.
Now I have a gallon bag of cut-off to re-melt down the road.

I've really tried hard to like both orange and pink as tail colors but honestly I just do not do well using baits with either color. we're talking success. Ironically I never have any success using a solid chartreuse bait. Purple, junebug and a couple clear/glitter colors all get chartreuse tails and these get 99% of my fish regardless of where I am fishing or whether I am fishing crappie, panfish or walleye/sauger.

If ya'll are tail color people, what's your favorite color.
Title: Re: tail color weekend
Post by: efishnc on 04/25/21 16:53 UTC
The only spliced tail I make regularly is a glitter tail (typically plain silver, but sometimes holo silver).
Title: Re: tail color weekend
Post by: anyfish on 04/25/21 18:11 UTC
I have yet to try different tail colors on the thump grubs, but for carrots and worms I do three colors. Chartreuse, blue, and purple.  Chartreuse has been the most effective by far and is fished the most often. Purple with a green body has also been effective at times.  I really like the way the blue looks but it doesn't catch as many as the other two for me.  I haven't tried orange but I will someday.   
Title: Re: tail color weekend
Post by: olsarge on 04/25/21 19:47 UTC
For crappie pearl white body with a chart tail is my best producer.  I also do pretty well on bass on worms motor oil body with a yellow tail.  I don't do well with an all chart body either the exception being a chart/pepper stick bait.
Title: Re: tail color weekend
Post by: WALLEYE WACKER on 04/25/21 21:33 UTC
Purple body chartreuse tail.
Glitter feast body chartreuse tail
Black body chartreuse tail
Flo blue white tail
2.5” thump it
3” essential paddle tail
2.75” fat fork
Title: Re: tail color weekend
Post by: Shaunm81 on 04/26/21 15:03 UTC
Hmmmm that's interesting tom. I mostly use just solid chartreuse baits with red silver or black glitter and destroy Crappies here they go crazy over it.  I have been doing some of the purple with chartreuse tails on the 2.5" swim fry and they do really good as well as black body and chartreuse tails but I've been also using dead on neo colors and have been coming up with some killer colors that are great on Crappies.   Any luck up your way on lureworks chameleon for the Crappies?
Title: Re: tail color weekend
Post by: ctom on 04/26/21 15:50 UTC
I have several baits done in chameleon and there are times when it is the color to have on a jig.  I've used chameleon in walleye baits more than crappie baits when the water is super cold in the dead of winter and the fish are wanting a very natural color. Chameleon then fits the bill nicely.