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Glad you two love birds got out and about. If I ever get the chance I plan on making the drive out there to Do It if they’ll have me for a few minutes. Definitely on the bucket list. I would love to be able to lay hands on a mold from the defect bin just so I could hang it on the wall of the shop as a trophy.  Not sure why. Just always wanted one so I could say I was there I guess.
Fish Pictures and Success Stories / Re: 8 and 9 pounds.....
« Last post by ctom on Yesterday at 15:12 »
Some of the depths you guys fish up North just boggle my mind. 

Lake Superior has two varieties of Lake Trout: the red fin and the sissowet. The Red Fins are the eaters, the others are very oily and don't have much table fare. Those Sissowets get huge and they spawn as deep as 6oo feet. I marked a Sissowet trout once at 160 feet over 450 feet of water that rose up and chased our baits for about 1/8 mile before hitting and being boated. Its weighed in at 25 pounds. Its not unusual to take Red Fin at 125 feet while trolling, but most will come between the surface and 60 feet of trolling depth. A tactic we'll use while trolling and marking suspended fish is to run the balls down below the level of the fish and as soon as we re-mark the fish we'll pop the engine into neutral and pop the lines out of the clips letting the spoons flutter to the surface on loose lines, passing the fish on the spoons trip to the top. Many times those idle fish will be seen rising up and chasing the spoons but inevitably will get lost because they leave the cone angle of the transducer. When the line is retrieved is when the fish are felt hanging on the spoons. Crazy successful tactic.

We'll also use heavy banana head jigs tied with bucktail [Do-ItsJYS-1055l, 1-1/2 ounce and 2 ounce] with 90 pound test stinger wires cast in the heads and tipped with 1/0 trebles and sporting a dead smelt to vertically jig suspended Lakers if they are relating to some underwater feature like a sharp break or a hump. Jigging down to 125 feet is common. Its aggressive jigging and a lot of work but at times, such as mid-summer, is a better way to get fish than trolling.

Deep water is a Lake Trout's comfort zone. Any structure or bottom anomaly that attracts bait will attract Lakers if it is near enough for a comfortable horizontal shift from the deeper water. The breakwater I fish from has fishable Trout water anywhere from 25 feet to around 90 within an easy cast. The structure around the breakwater attracts tons of bait so the trout found there are feeding, not idle or resting which they prefer to do in much deeper water. Regardless of the water's depth, the higher a Trout is found the more I consider it a feeding and aggressive fish. Both fish pictured came from about 90 feet at the edge of the bottom structure directly under a slick that must have stalled affording relatively calm water: on either edge of that slick one could feel the undertow at work on the retrieve with little or no resistance felt on the lure's retrieve where the fish came from. I love slicks because they can hold so much food for baitfish and hence the predators. All of the positive factors that play into catching the Lake Trout just happened in front of me within a long cast. Twice.
Fish Pictures and Success Stories / Re: 8 and 9 pounds.....
« Last post by bassinfool on Yesterday at 14:10 »
Casting into 90 feet of water under a slick.

Some of the depths you guys fish up North just boggle my mind.  My home lake only has one spot on the entire lake that reaches those depths; average lake depth is something like 20 feet.

Absolutely beautiful catches there, Tom!
Glad that you guys are able to out to your favorite spots. There are found memories of the 2 get together that I was able to attend and meeting forum members was awesome. Hope to make a trip out there this summer yet. But we’ll have to see how the treatment’s go and it Would be a great 2 day away from the house. From day 1 at DO-IT your treated like family and its great see how things are done. And if you plan on making a trip call ahead of time so if there is someone you want to see we’ll be there.
General Discussion / Re: "A wonderful day in the neighborhood".....
« Last post by Kyle on Yesterday at 08:34 »
Great to see you, Tom. 
Great report. I would love to see their facility one day. I would just have to take only a limited amount of cash.  ::)
Request a Lead Mold / molds out of stock literally everywhere.
« Last post by Canga~ on 05/05/21 20:57 UTC »
so im looking for 3 molds specifically. i think i can get one (1/4oz tapered collar ball head, production) the other 2 are out of stock everywhere i have looked, the 3/32 tapered ball head production mold (RHB-8-332) and the finesse drop shot sinker mold in 3/16 (FDS-8-316), is there any way of knowing when/if these molds will be in production again? i know i can get the multiple size molds, but pouring 1 jig/sinker at a time just isnt worth it.
General Discussion / "A wonderful day in the neighborhood".....
« Last post by ctom on 05/05/21 18:47 UTC »
Carole and I were on tour this morning and stopped iin at the Do-it headquarters where I managed to get Kyle, and the head honcos together to say "hi". Carole has had her sights on a thrift store in Waverly that she is addicted to along with a garden center in that town and Do-It is just a short hop away, so.... Then too there's a nice diner in New Hampton that we enjoy and right up the street from there is another thrift store that Carole can't get past without stopping at so she got her shopping fix while I got my "hi" fix.

I'm happy to report that the Do-It crew is all smiles yet and healthy. Getting to spend a few minutes with these guys is like a balm. Great people. Maybe one day we'll all be able to spend a bit more time with those we don't see often enough because of this virus stuff. But today the short time I got to spend with the trio was today's highlight for me.
I chuckle every time I see that little dude.  Stones indeed!
Brave little sucker!!  But I'm with BigJim!  He might have an accident getting in front of a turkey!! Love those feathers for fly tying!!
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