Author Topic: "A wonderful day in the neighborhood".....  (Read 261 times)

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"A wonderful day in the neighborhood".....
« on: 05/05/21 18:47 UTC »
Carole and I were on tour this morning and stopped iin at the Do-it headquarters where I managed to get Kyle, and the head honcos together to say "hi". Carole has had her sights on a thrift store in Waverly that she is addicted to along with a garden center in that town and Do-It is just a short hop away, so.... Then too there's a nice diner in New Hampton that we enjoy and right up the street from there is another thrift store that Carole can't get past without stopping at so she got her shopping fix while I got my "hi" fix.

I'm happy to report that the Do-It crew is all smiles yet and healthy. Getting to spend a few minutes with these guys is like a balm. Great people. Maybe one day we'll all be able to spend a bit more time with those we don't see often enough because of this virus stuff. But today the short time I got to spend with the trio was today's highlight for me.

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Re: "A wonderful day in the neighborhood".....
« Reply #1 on: 05/06/21 06:27 UTC »
Great report. I would love to see their facility one day. I would just have to take only a limited amount of cash.  ::)

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Re: "A wonderful day in the neighborhood".....
« Reply #2 on: 05/06/21 08:34 UTC »
Great to see you, Tom. 


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Re: "A wonderful day in the neighborhood".....
« Reply #3 on: 05/06/21 10:19 UTC »
Glad that you guys are able to out to your favorite spots. There are found memories of the 2 get together that I was able to attend and meeting forum members was awesome. Hope to make a trip out there this summer yet. But we’ll have to see how the treatment’s go and it Would be a great 2 day away from the house. From day 1 at DO-IT your treated like family and its great see how things are done. And if you plan on making a trip call ahead of time so if there is someone you want to see we’ll be there.
May your days be filled with sun shine and you always have a tight line. AMEN

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Re: "A wonderful day in the neighborhood".....
« Reply #4 on: 05/06/21 15:59 UTC »
Glad you two love birds got out and about. If I ever get the chance I plan on making the drive out there to Do It if they’ll have me for a few minutes. Definitely on the bucket list. I would love to be able to lay hands on a mold from the defect bin just so I could hang it on the wall of the shop as a trophy.  Not sure why. Just always wanted one so I could say I was there I guess.