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Painting and Finishing Lures / The last of a series of 5
« Last post by ctom on Today at 11:56 »
Here's a purple backed shiner with a super yellow belly. The belly colors is made from Do-It's new Hot Yellow and Fluorescent yellow paints in equal parts. The back color is Do-Its new Purple frost which is a pearlized color. A Createx transparent black coat is laid on top of the purple then the top coat clear with twisted guava super color shift is applied to the whole bait. It makes for an incredible color show in the hand.

The transparent black is a really nice color to have on hand. While goes on almost like a traditional black but allows light to pass thru it allowing the color under it to come out. With so many of the color shifting pigments I use needing a black color below the clear coat the transparent black steps up to the task nicely.

Painting and Finishing Lures / Re: two more colors
« Last post by ctom on Today at 11:23 »
They're about 6 1/2" D. I'll be hanging some size4 KVD Elite Triple Grip hooks on these but not the heavy wire version. These bodies are floaters so I want to keep them as light as possible to keep them out of weeds. They dig down real nice to about 6-7 feet on a steady retrieve. I just ordered another 10 and will likely order 20 or 30 more during the winter. These paint up so nice they're pretty much in demand what with the way the foil liner inside helps to bounce light back our thru the paint coats. I should note that with all of the Do-It colors I have been using on these I do not use any under color, the colors go directly on the bodies.
Painting and Finishing Lures / Re: two more colors
« Last post by DF on Today at 08:20 »
 Nice! What size are these? Got hooks picked out?
Painting and Finishing Lures / two more colors
« Last post by ctom on Yesterday at 14:13 »
Here are a couple basic colors, souped up a bit. First is the age old gold sides with an orange belly and black back. The sides are done with Do-Its new disco shad gold, a super smooth color and as close to gold plated as airbrush pain can get. This color needs thinning, or at least that which I have did, and several light coats fetch the best coverage. The belly got the new Flame Red and Fluorescent Orange mixed 50/50. The back got Do-It's Basic Black and was top coated with the Do-It Clear laced with Arson Super Shift color shift pigment. The picture here doesn't show it well however a close look at the head around the gill areas of the lower bait may show just a tinge of the reddish wine color which is actually all over the place between a burgandy and gold and purple and a couple others including orange. This bait's colors make a Rapala of the same color pattern appear sick.

The lower two sticks are a basic white belly with a black back. The belly white is Do-Its new Go-To-Pearl and Basic White mixed 50/50. Flame Red makes the small gill color. Basic Black is the back color that has been top coated with the Do-It Clear loaded up with Twisted Guava color shift pigment. The purple in the color shift really is visible along the sides while  on the right of the two baits the green-gold really jumps out. Tis gives the timelss black over white pearl stick color a whole new meaning.

Both colors are wearing Do-Its new Warmouth color in the Attack Series of eyes.

The two Super Shift pigments used in these baits are very pricy for very little product but in my world very much worth the cost.

Painting and Finishing Lures / Re: Clown
« Last post by anyfish on Yesterday at 11:14 »
Well done!  Those look amazing.
Painting and Finishing Lures / Clown
« Last post by ctom on Yesterday at 07:48 »
Here's another on of the stick baits done in the ever popular "clown" pattern. The colors are exclusive to Do-It except the red head color which is transparent red from Createx. The belly white is made from equal parts of the new Go-To-Pearl and basic white. The backs are done in the Hot Yellow and fluorescent yellow in equal parts. The head color is applied as it comes from the bottle but thinned a bit. The eyes are Do-It's Attack Series Precision Pearl. Everything is sealed up with Seal Coat.

The more I work with the new line of airbrush paints the more convinced I am that they are the toughest paints I have ever used in an airbrush. I head set each coat/color and once this is done it's darned near impossible to scrub the colors off a bait and I know first hand that to be the case even trying alcohol. Acetone or lacquer thinner would eat the body plastic so of course I did not try either but I have tried denatured alcohol and 70% rubbing alcohol and neither help at all. So much of what I do has a top coat of clear with and interference hi lite color or a color shift pigment that I think I'll try not seal coating them.

Request a Lead Mold / Re: Any plans for an Ice jig?
« Last post by Lines on Yesterday at 00:19 »
Looks like you're set. Good luck this winter.
Request a Lead Mold / Re: Any plans for an Ice jig?
« Last post by Agronomist_at_ia on 10/16/21 21:37 UTC »
Got my hooks today.
Painting and Finishing Lures / Re: A couple beauts....
« Last post by DF on 10/16/21 10:21 UTC »
 Nice paint work ctom. Those are good looking baits.
General Discussion / Re: New powder paints
« Last post by ctom on 10/15/21 16:58 UTC »
The new airbrush paints are stud too. I've been in the shop most of the afternoon playing with them.
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