Author Topic: Making swing hook ultra minnow jigs  (Read 812 times)

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Making swing hook ultra minnow jigs
« on: 05/29/21 13:57 UTC »
Have the do it  ultra minnow jigs molds, is there any way i can make them to use swing hook jigs using siwash hooks instead of fixed hooks ?

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Re: Making swing hook ultra minnow jigs
« Reply #1 on: 06/01/21 14:33 UTC »
Most likely the best approach would be to modify the mold for a wire form, that fits in the mold, so you have the wire  line tie point instead of a hook eye, and the swing hook attachment point. You can either make the modification so that you mold the hook in place, use an open eye hook, or a split ring to attach the hook. That would be something like the Do It Swing Football head mold, which uses such a wire form.   

Depending on which Ultra Minnow mold too, on the larger ones, you could also use sinker eyes for both the line tie and the swing hook, but a single wire form would be less cost, and stronger. For the swing hook, you would want the longer sinker eyes. All the matter of how you plan to use them and what fish species they'll be used to target.

The wire forms you can make, if you have a bending tool, or have them made, but usually that means a minimum order.