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A couple beauts....
« on: 10/13/21 09:14 UTC »
Here are two of the mirrored stick baits I mentioned in an earlier post. These were done using the new Do-It line of airbrush paints and also using the Paasche Raptor air brush, which Do-It also sells.

Here are some specifics on the paints. The bellies were done using fluorescent yellow and opaque yellow in equal porions then thinned out real well so I could get a bit of color "fog" up the sides when I sprayed directly at the bottoms. I blended a small amount each of fluorescent orange and flame red together and it was thin enough to shoot on as the gill color....doesn't take much. For the backs I used the Blue Back Herring pearlized color and touched it with two drops of the basic blue  to help know down the transparency. Next a thin black was sprayed over the blue and around the head/eyes. They were finished with basic clear containing a dash of blue/purple/red color shift pigment and top coated with Seal Coat. A couple of the Attack series eyes in the Warmouth color were added prior to the sealing. The baits were done identically and will see action in the pike waters next summer. Both of these have a greenish hue when turned in light due to the fog from both the top and back colors meeting along the sides and the color shift along the backs really crank up the pretty. I only wish I could show these baits in person. All the color shifting and blending is incredible.

The airbrush is something else. So easy to clean, even for a gravity feed. The gun comes with three different needles and nozzles: a .25mm installed, a .38mm and a .66mm, the latter of which is recommended for paints containing pearls. For these baits I ran all the way using the .66 and found it does an excellent job. When I applied the black it was quite thin and I opened the needle stop up a hair and just lightly sent air in the gun to get a slight spatter along the sides for some spotting as is generally found on most fish and its seen in a couple areas on the baits. Pretty cool way to apply the paint. The brush has a real handy needle stop which prevents getting too heavy of a coat when one wants to apply several thin coats. Love this feature. All of the nozzles and corresponding needles are indexed so any mix-up is nearly impossible. For doing these baits using this airbrush and the Do-It paints I set the compressor at about 38 pounds and found zero issues with any aspect of the job.

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Re: A couple beauts....
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 Nice paint work ctom. Those are good looking baits.