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Title: I found this very interesting
Post by: olsarge on 08/06/21 13:36 UTC
I just watched a Randy Blaukat (intuitive angler on you tube) where he was describing a jig worm technique he uses to catch bass.  I won't go into great detail about it except for the fact that one of the things he religiously does with his baits.  He took a watermelon with black flake finesse worm and roughed it up (by rubbing it up between his thumb and forefinger.).  He said he does this because it causes the watermelon colored worms to change colors.  He then picked up a standard finesse worm out of the same pack and compared the two.  The one he roughed up looked exactly like an essential (matte finish).  I think I will still just inject my essential molds.  It's faster.
Title: Re: I found this very interesting
Post by: efishnc on 08/06/21 17:49 UTC
Although some may think the dull finish of an ES (cast) mold is less desirable than CNC, I think it is actually more desirable for injecting terrestrials such as craws, frogs, and just about every other non-minnow bait because it is simply more true to nature... (and of course, I do prefer the shiny finish for my minnow imitators).
Title: Re: I found this very interesting
Post by: Les Young on 08/06/21 19:41 UTC
I'll have to say i like lures made from my  essential series molds as much as i do my cnc molds. If i could have every molds i have as an essential series i would &  wouldn't give it a second thought.  8) 8)