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Tommy Skarlis today
« on: 04/29/19 14:46 UTC »
Again from Facebook

Short Tommy update. He was able to stand up for the first time yesterday which is great. He will be staying at Mayo for a while for in-patient care. He needs 3-4 hours of PT a day and this is best accomplished there, along with other procedures that may be needed.
He and I prayed together last night about giving out his room information. I also talked to dear friend Tom Davis about it this am as well. The instructions from Tommy were to go with what was in my heart and what I was led to do. I feel there are a lot of folks that want to share cards or inspirational items and I think they would be uplifting. So here is what I believe Tommy would love. First reach out to someone you have not talked to, or that you want to just say I love you, or I am sorry, or whatever the message may be. He is truly feeling love right now for everyone and wants us to do the same. Then feel free to drop him a card or what you are driven to send at;
Mayo Clinic, St. Mary's Campus, care of Tommy Skarlis 9th Floor Room 772, 1216 2nd Street SW, Rochester, MN 55902
He is hard at work fighting for the victory, so please keep the prayers coming for him, and realize he needs time to heal and spend time with his family and visitors are not recommended at this time once he gives OK, I will let folks know he just needs to get strength.
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Re: Tommy Skarlis today
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Thanks for updates prayers will continue for him and his family.
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