Author Topic: Can you make bismuth tin removable spiltshot without getting them stuck in mold?  (Read 2443 times)

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I have been making a variety of bismuth/tin sinkers, jigs and darts using Rotometal's Bismuth 281 that melts at 281 degrees with Do-It molds I use mold spray to prevent sticking. But when I tried making removable sinkers with Do-It #3172 mold, they completely stuck despite use of mold spray and I had to remove handles and put mold in 400 degree toaster oven to melt the bismuth out. Has anyone managed to make bismuth/tin removable sinkers without getting them stuck in the mold?

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Bismuth has a tendency to expand as it cools making it a bugger to unmold.
I'm not sure of a fix for it.

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