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« on: 07/22/21 10:56 UTC »
This was my first attempt at making a somewhat natural shad color, it's not perfect but I was pleased with the results and thought I'd share them and the recipe as it was easy to make yet looks good (IMO).

Top color
1 cup of plastic
1/8 tsp silver pearl
1/8 tsp silk pearl
1/4 tsp holo flake
1/8 tsp .008 black and .008 silver

Bottom color
1 cup plastic
1/4 tsp pearl powder
1/4 tsp holo flake and .008 silver
A little bit of .008 gold and .008 black (around 1/32-1/16 of a tsp)

Side note if you want to darken up the back 3-5 drops of do it black works well and has a cool effect with the silver pearl, I didn't do it with these baits but have on a similar back color

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« Reply #1 on: 07/22/21 11:35 UTC »
Niiiice. I can see our pike chomping on the larger one....and the first eight inches of the line.


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« Reply #2 on: 07/22/21 11:52 UTC »
Sweet color Bob it’s awesome how much the smaller flake looks like when you compare Big to small flake. When there on the live bait bite that’s a color that is first one out of the box.
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Oh yea.