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Blue Grass Recipe
« on: 08/31/21 01:44 UTC »
  Seeing if anyone could help me with the blue grass recipe? If so I sure do appreciate it thank you.

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Re: Blue Grass Recipe
« Reply #1 on: 08/31/21 04:20 UTC »
 Got a picture ?

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Re: Blue Grass Recipe
« Reply #2 on: 08/31/21 04:48 UTC »
Welcome aboard the Do-It forums Bones Baits.

Pretty simple recipe here. Thee colorants will vary from maker to maker but are fairly uniform so make the blue a bit thin in colorant so it stays a bit lighter, and add a blue hi lites until the blue begins to "mirror" a little for the back. The blue hi lite will allow the blue to stay fairly transparent, do not use a pearl which will opaque it. Make the bottom chartreuse and if it's too transparent add a drop or two of white. Both colors need just a slight amount of black .015 glitter....very little.

To check your colors as you develop them just put a small puddle of each next to each other on the back of a mold so you can see them next to each other and decide on how you want to adjust them to be what you want to be.

Either hand pour one of the colors and inject the other or use a twin injector to get the color split.


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Re: Blue Grass Recipe
« Reply #3 on: 08/31/21 15:31 UTC »
Welcome aboard

There use to be a  colorant by Name of blue grass
I would try to flo blue with a touch of green hilite. To start more watermelon green enough to See it’s green and but yet the blue is still visible
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