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Lures / Re: JSF wire form from Barlow`s tolerances
« Last post by bigjim5589 on Today at 08:12 »
Bucho, have you considered going direct to bulk wire forms? Mustang Wire Products makes most of the same forms that fit the Do It Molds, except you then have to buy in bulk @ 1000 wires. They'll make custom wires too, but what you're seeing may simply be a difference in who actually manufactures the wires.

I have no idea what the shipping & possible customs duties might cost, but that might be worthwhile for you to look into since you're selling the jigs.
Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it!
Lures / Re: JSF wire form from Barlow`s tolerances
« Last post by ctom on Yesterday at 20:21 »
That's the pits for sure. I suggest sending the Do-It crew an email and explain what you're finding.
Lures / JSF wire form from Barlow`s tolerances
« Last post by Bucho on Yesterday at 16:40 »

I just started a batch of JSF 3 and 2 Wire forms for the Do-It jigging spoon mold that I ordered last december and found them to differ in size and diameter to such an extend they do not fit the mold. I have no idea where they get them from or if the mold has changed. I just found that out after I ordered a second mold and another batch last week which is on its way to me here in Germany right now.

The width of the form has reduced from 0.24 inch to 0.20 inch. I have to manipulate every single one with a round plier to make them fit, and the result is obvious, looking unprofessional. 

Has there been a change in the mold design which fits the new mold I ordered or is it just poor wire form manufacturing? Has anybody experienced the same? The Jigging spoon is the basis for my most important, cash-cow product right now and I have to manufacture it economically. 
Lures / Re: Novice needing advice on flutter jig
« Last post by Bucho on Yesterday at 16:22 »
I am very happy with the flutter jig in smaller sizes but also hear from happy customers using medium sizes up in Norway. I find the small size Collins molds very difficult to work wiht. Maybe the larger ones work better.

I mainly use the flutter jigs with tin as casting spoons. They excell in every way I use them, "jig, cast or troll" is not just a sales phrase. I see no need to pair them with the collins molds which I bought out of curiosity and only keep because they do not have a market here in Germany. The flutter jig has a very nice, unpredictable fall but also a nice play on a straight retrieve. Most of my customers cast them at shallow water baltic sea run brown trout in heavy wind but I also sold a hundred or so to a customer in the U.S. and he did very well jigging them on lake Michigan catching lakers and kings.

I would rather pair the flutter jig with the shad spoon mold or get a second and mod it to fit a run-through wire than spend money on the collins. Its the best jigging and casting spoon mold there is i.m.o.
Soft Plastic and Plastic Baits - How To??? / Re: Katana Kraw Question
« Last post by ctom on Yesterday at 16:09 »
Welcome aboard troutsmart! I think you can use the original Finesse head with the Katana Craw. A buddy fishes them on a 1/0 Aberdeen hook with a small cone weight pegged ahead of the hook so you should be ok with the regular finesse.
Hey everyone. I have a question on rigging the Katana Kraw. Can it be rigged effectively using the normal weedless Midwest finesse head or does it require the magnum version? Thanks!
Photo Gallery / Re: 4.25” Quakin Shad
« Last post by ctom on Yesterday at 09:11 »
On bright days that blue/green/purple glitter mix in clear over clear silver glitter is a pike magnet in any bait we throw. The pro blue/red pearl is almost as good on clear days but really shines when there's some overcast. The watermelon over clear with silver glitter is good anytime as a rule. The wood under the baits in the picture really stops a lot of light thru them and cancels a lot of the pretty they have.

I was going to try doing some chatterbaits but after pricing the components I decided to just buy one and give it a go. Where we fish the large pike on Lake Pepin during the heat of summer a white chatter bait seems to be a great bait.... unless I have one tied on. lol So I vacated that adventure. I'll have to impress upon my buddy to hang a Quakin Shad from his next season to see if it helps up his catch rate.

Pretty sure when I get back from vacation that the river will have dropped some more temp and maybe the fall walleyes will begin to pop on plastics. I've got a bunch of the Essential baits done up in walleye colors and itching to go fishing.... Slick Shiners and Wave Worms primarily.
General Discussion / Re: Fall Smallies/3" Rippers
« Last post by basscatlildave on Yesterday at 06:59 »
Yes Sir.  Great looking baits.
Photo Gallery / Re: 4.25” Qualin Shad
« Last post by Lamar on Yesterday at 06:49 »
  I've been using them for chatter bait trailers. It's a fish catcher for sure.
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