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Bait Blast paints
« on: 11/29/21 08:04 UTC »
Has anyone tried the new paints that Do-It offers yet?

I've always been a Createx guy and after using the Do-It paints for a year I have a couple observations. #1 is durability. The general Createx paints all require heat setting to make them even sort of durable and they'll require a clear coat too Even heat set, the Createx paint can be scrubbed off with a soft toothbrush if a messed-up paint job happens. Air dried, the Do-It paints take a substantial amount of work to scrub the paint off even without heat setting the paint.

I took a crappie-crank to the backwaters last week that I'd done with the new Do-It paints and finished with a simple clear top coat, NOT CS sealer, and allowed to simply dry about 14 hours. No heat set. We had some shale ice floating around which meant about 30% of our retrieves had to be popped off an ice lip and pulled across ice. After about 60 casts I gave up because I couldn't get the crank to sink down to where the crappies were at even though the bait was weighted to sink fairly well. When I put the crank back in its tube, I took a little study time and the bait was as slick as when I put it in the tube at home. No scuffing. No wear. And I'll note that it took a couple decent knocks against a concrete column in the water. That's a tough finish. I did have one pike take a swing at the crank but only a swing and a miss, it didn't come back on it. That would have been an interesting test for the paint.

The second observation is that this new Do-It paint plays very nicely with the standard Createx when I use the Createx to adjust a color to suit my wants.

Third is coverage: light colors cover dark colors very easily.

4th is the water clean-up. I keep an ice cream pail 1/2 full of warm soapy water handy and as soon as I knock the excess paint from the airbrush cup I dunk the airbrush in the water, swish it around for 20 seconds, then use a soft artist brush to clean a bit deeper in the cup and airbrush tubing and the nozzle face, all the time spraying the water thru the gun. Less than a minute for clean-up. When I am finished for the day, I swap needles after removing the nozzle components and clean everything with acetone, the put the needle and other components back in place and I'm ready for the next session.

What are observations from others that use these new paints?
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Re: Bait Blast paints
« Reply #1 on: 11/29/21 09:28 UTC »
I have every intention to give them a shot (pun intended) but will have to wait until I need some.  I just started airbrushing this year and bought 43 different colors of paints so it will be a while before I run out,
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Re: Bait Blast paints
« Reply #2 on: 11/29/21 15:43 UTC »
I'll be getting some in the spring. Hate to order anything liquid in cold weather; especially as slow as the post office is!