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Black backed blue shads
« on: 06/14/22 08:51 UTC »
Using Do-Its Shad Diver bodies [#8612], I sprayed up a couple in the black backed blue shad style to cast for Coho on the next cabin run in another week. I got to try some of the Bait Blast transparent paints on these and can say I am happy with the results.

The clear bodies got a couple layers of Go-To-Pearl applied, enough to fog over the clear body but not heavy enough so I couldn't see the rattles inside. Next I used the transparent blue Bait Blast mixed with a little of the opaque Basic Blue Bait Blast. After heat setting the blue coat I thinned down the transparent Purple Rain transparent and applied thin coats across the back, allowing the sides to catch a bit of the feathering, but still heavier across the tops of the backs. When that color was heat set I used some watered down basic black to give the backs  a little extra darkening. Not much black was actually applied. After heat setting the black a clear coat was thinned a bit and a purple to blue to red color shift was added the entire baits were given a fairly wet coat and the final heat set done. The eyes were put in place and after drying thoroughly for several hours a couple dips in regular CS Sealer finished them off. I'll add the split rings and hooks this afternoon.

The color shifting clear coat can be seen shedding some of its reddish purple long the tail section of the lower bait. When I was arranging the baits for the picture several different shifts in the colors came about but this is the only pic that actually showed much of it.

Even as thin as the Go-To-Pearl coats are it does a nice job of stopping the transparency of the Bait Blast transparent colors where I wanted the colors more opaque across the back while the feathering on the sides still allows enough transparency to appear almost like a natural forage minnow. I'm pretty happy with the end results and if the Coho don't care for them the walleyes always will.

As mentioned, I'll be chucking these for Coho Salmon next week along with the same baits done in a gold foil with the Flame Red back. The Coho are still fairly shallow and these baits dive to about 12 feet or more on my 6 pound line and at 7/16 ounce their weight will let we toss them a decent distance.
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