Author Topic: Who says 'light bulbs' can't catch fish?  (Read 165 times)

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Who says 'light bulbs' can't catch fish?
« on: 08/20/22 07:14 UTC »
I've found that when it comes to lure design innovation that one thing often leads to another. Take the mini-stick:

For many years I thought a plastic worm like Mr Twister's Phenom needed a curl tail to catch fish which it did of course fished Texas rigged - but only when used on the bottom. Wacky-rigged Senkos changed that for good and I haven't bounced a worm off bottom in years. The idea of a mini-stick rigged on a 1/32 oz jig evolved from Senko's stick-like shape and it catches fish mid-depth with tod tip twitches and pauses.

The taper-tail stick idea emerged from that:

As most of you have experienced, various lure shapes + presentations = unique lure actions. The mini-stick has a slightly different action than the taper-tail and a new shape I came up with has a different action/swim than either of them.

If you've ever worked a Zara Spook on the surface, you've noticed the rhythmic waddle & the wake it produces when twitched with the rod tip. The lure is cigar-shaped with blunt ends and has caught thousands of fish over many decades. So why not a soft plastic shape similar to the Spook worked the same way beneath the surface?  Enter the Light Bulb.

The first one every created using the bulbous body of the top grub attached to a grub body:

After catching fish on it, I went crazy making more:

Here are a few more mid-depth waddlers that caused fish to strike:

A variation of Da Bulb:

A variation of the min-stick using two grub bodies (not meant to simulate a caterpillar):


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