Author Topic: Wave Worm To Stinger Shad  (Read 147 times)

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Wave Worm To Stinger Shad
« on: 09/13/22 20:58 UTC »
While pouring some baits for crappie/ice fishing I got to looking at some Wave Worms I had poured for an upcoming smallmouth float trip. The tail section looks similar to that of a stinger shad. I shot a few in the mold and then I did some hand pouring. I’ll have to do some testing to see if I, and more importantly the fish are satisfied with them. Just thought I’d share and maybe stoke the creative fire and experimentation. Picture-store bought bait top left; standard injection and cut on left; hand pour on right
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Re: Wave Worm To Stinger Shad
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Maybe take some tinkering but you may be on to something.

I've been making a bunch of the Essential Wave Worms and Essential Slick Shiners in anticipation of the fall walleye bite below the dams on the Mississippi River, primarily Pool 5 at Alma, Wisconsin. Thus far this fall the river is slightly low and the flow rate is way down, my favorite conditions. We generally will get a series of heavy rains in the fall that will get the river high and rolling and that makes for some miserable fishing so hopefully we'll hold on to what we've got.
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