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Bass Jigs / Re: Gary Yamamoto swimming jig mold.
« Last post by bigjim5589 on Today at 09:38 »
I have that mold, and had bought a big box of hooks, that are not for that mold, but with a small modification I have made them work. I think that's going to be the case, is find a hook that will work, even if you have to modify the mold.

I had actually bought the hooks with the idea of using them to make fly rod poppers, as they had a offset bend in the shank. Thee are like some of the old Charlie Brewer slider jig hooks, but are black nickel & very sharp. I have no idea who made them, or who had them made. You know with Ebay, sometimes you find things that later work well for something else, especially with fish hooks.

BTW, the standup molds are like that too, as hooks are sometimes hard to get that fit. I've got a modified mold that takes a regular 90 degree Aberdeen jig hook, and don't know why that wasn't done in the first place. I never cared for having the hook eye right on the bottom, as that seemed to bang up the line knot too much. The 90 degree hooks are very popular and work a lot better.

I'll try & take some photo's of the Yamamoto jigs with the hooks I have.  :D
Bass Jigs / Re: Gary Yamamoto swimming jig mold.
« Last post by anyfish on Yesterday at 21:45 »
With all of the different style of hooks out there, it is possible there is something that could be twisted or the mold, slightly modified to work, I just haven't found one (although I haven't tried super hard either). 
Bass Jigs / Re: Gary Yamamoto swimming jig mold.
« Last post by Agronomist_at_ia on Yesterday at 21:39 »
Dang. Kinda disappointed. that looked like it would have been a great jig for fishing my senkos. Guess I'll have to stick to my worm weights Texas rigged.

I'm surprised no long shank Aberdeen hooks with a sideways eye are around and would fit.
Bass Jigs / Re: Gary Yamamoto swimming jig mold.
« Last post by anyfish on Yesterday at 20:42 »
As Tom said there are not any substitutes I am aware of and I haven't found anywhere online that still has any.  I have a small supply, but when there gone, I guess I'll have to try and modify the mold to take a different hook. 

It's a shame, as it has worked well for me.  Truth be told, I've never used it for plastics but i have used it for trolling flies.
Bass Jigs / Re: Gary Yamamoto swimming jig mold.
« Last post by ctom on Yesterday at 20:21 »
Nope. No hooks for that mold. Try Zeiners to see if they have any left over.
Bass Jigs / Gary Yamamoto swimming jig mold.
« Last post by Agronomist_at_ia on Yesterday at 19:52 »
I've seen this is now discontinued. I do like the mold and was going to get one. However I can't find any hooks for it. Does anyone know if there is a hook substitute? Did they quit making the hooks?

If there isn't any more hooks or a hook substitute.... I'll end up passing on it.
Bass Jigs / Re: Rattles
« Last post by Les Young on Yesterday at 17:19 »
What rattles do you use?
Dave i order the mickey mouse style collars &  large clear jig skirt  rattles from either lurepartsonline. On jigs i add rattle to the collar & slide up against the skirt where one normally goes.  The last collars i ordered the clear was a lot better than the black ones but i called them & they sent me some new black ones that worked great. I rarely lose a rattle  but have had some that take on water after a while of catching a lot of fish with them. At night i just hang the collar with rattle on the hook when fishing tubes, brush hog & super hogs & push them up as far as i can. Rattles at night can make a huge difference on some of the lakes here when it comes to getting bit. I have saw one time on a different lake that i had to take it off then started getting bit just like my buddy was.
Bass Jigs / Re: Rattles
« Last post by basscatlildave on 03/18/23 21:24 UTC »
I have some of these and added under the skirt band but going try to tie with wire or thread soon and see
Bass Jigs / Re: Rattles
« Last post by olsarge on 03/18/23 14:16 UTC »
Just thinking out loud.  It might be easier to add rattles to a trailer.  Something along the lines of hand pouring the bottom half of the bait.  Place the rattle in an area where it won't get in the way.  Then close it up and shooting the top half.  Might work.
Bass Jigs / Re: Rattles
« Last post by bigjim5589 on 03/18/23 13:50 UTC »
I've used rattles more in flies than in jigs, but they can certainly improve a jig in some situations. I also don't care for the typical ways to add them to jigs, as I've lost rattles too easily with them. Even with super glue, they fall off eventually.

I tie on the skirts on all my jigs, spinnerbaits & buzzbaits, and have been trying to figure out a better way to add a rattle that won't easily cause them to fall off, and won't dull the sound. For adding them to flies, I insert the rattle into mylar tubing and/or products like EZ body and epoxy over the whole thing after it's tied on the hook. I think something like that will work for jigs too, but want to test it more.

I'll drill holes in fly rod popper bodies too & add rattles, which I feel really improves them a lot, especially big poppers.  ;D

I just bought a used Collins Tube Jig mold that pours a rattle into the jig head. Rattles in tubes work well, but again they tend to fall out & get lost. I've bought the jigs before and like them, so now will try pouring some.  ;)
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