Author Topic: A new twist to the Diner Shiner  (Read 2284 times)

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A new twist to the Diner Shiner
« on: 01/25/23 22:12 UTC »
Most of my walleye fishing is done by casting and I’ve grown to like jigs that seem to swim rather than hop. It’s hard to get most jigs with 90 degree hooks to emulate swimming, so I got to tinkering this afternoon and came up with the Diner Shiner sporting a 60 degree hook. I did 10 with a flat eye and another 10 with a conventional eye. I think the conventional eye best suits me. I am also going to do a few more tomorrow using a 30 degree hook and moving the eye even further forward.

The modification to the mold is really simple and took more time to get the tools together than making the actual modification.

The jigs on the left side of the picture are the flat eyes with a #800 keeper wire. The hooks are 4/0, 32978 Mustafa, item #4534 in the catalog. Those on the right use a #7161 VMC, size 4/0, item # 8007 in the catalog.

I’m pretty sure that these pictured will do what I want to achieve but the 30 degree hooks might do it better so I have to try

Before I paint these guys I’m going down to the river behind our house and give them a dip test using a Quakin’ Shad. More here after the dunk.
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