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Title: Cabin time and Lake Superior
Post by: ctom on 08/07/20 13:44 UTC
We just got home from the cabin after a near-week's stay. Beautiful weather, not bad for bugs and the fish were cooperating to a small extent.

On Thursday morning I hooked a real nice red fin lake Trout...the eaters of the Lake Trout clan. This one measured at just under twenty inches...maybe 2 3/4 pounds. Nice table for two size. On Thursday afternoon from the same exact spot on the breakwater on my second cast I stuck a really decent Steelhead....28-29" and thick, maybe 9 pounds. Six near 100 yard runs, 17 jumps...the critter was manic. I finally got it to the net, and then the Krokodile lure dropped off its jaw. Go figure that one. Male fish with a slightly hooked jaw yet from the spring's spawn and it wore the crimson lateral line. The day was hot and the fish needed to get back in the water after all the exertion in the warmer surface water so not pics on this one. Minnesota law requires all unclipped Steelhead be immediately released. On Wisconsin's coast this fish could have been kept and would end up on a plate, so releasing it was no problem at all for me. There is no other fish in the Great Lakes that has the aerial antics and outstanding running power of a Steelhead. I average catching about one per season and like a year ago this one was a true dandy. 
Title: Re: Cabin time and Lake Superior
Post by: WALLEYE WACKER on 08/07/20 20:51 UTC
Glad that your trip have been successful and the weather has behaved. As always great to hear about the adventures that you two have throughout the year.
Title: Re: Cabin time and Lake Superior
Post by: basscatlildave on 08/10/20 07:25 UTC
Sounds like a great trip.