Author Topic: ribbon tail worm without ribs?  (Read 1109 times)

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Re: ribbon tail worm without ribs?
« Reply #15 on: 02/17/21 09:05 UTC »
My favorite creature baits are the baby brush hog & super hogs. Thsnkfully I have molds to make my own as many as I go through in a summer.

Creature baits were my #1 choice in soft plastics before I started injecting my own; consequently, I still have a tremendous stash of these pre-injection baits... creatures still remain as the one category of molds that I have generally stayed away from (barring the Flippin' Gorilla which was just too cool for me to ignore). 

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Re: ribbon tail worm without ribs?
« Reply #16 on: 02/18/21 12:35 UTC »
I’ve got craw & beaver molds too, but 9 out of 10 it’s one of those. I have an angling a I tube mold that gets a lot of attention too because I’m a finatic about tubes & smallmouth. Lol. I usually  have a tube, baby brush hog, super hog& jig tied on in summer. Also have a shakey head & Ned rig in storage ready to go at a moments notice. I love me some jigs & plastics & have molds for all the plastics I mentioned  because between me & my partner we have all of them tied on & they get used each trip.