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Hard packed colorants
« on: 03/04/21 10:18 UTC »
With winter winding down now many of us who have been at the mercy of the weather will likely start finding some colorants that sat over the last few months hard packed. So....what to do with them. Here's a little tip that I use.

Seen here is a #23 crochet hook one can find at a JoAnns Fabric store or a Michaels or a Hobby Lobby in the knitting section. The shank is close to the 1/8" that the dremel bits are. I almost missed it in the picture but if you look at the far left tip of the hook you can see the small hook. Slip the smooth end of the hook in the stand jaw of a dremel tool, tighten and slip the hook in the bottle and fire the dremel up, slow at first. As you fluidize the hard pack from top down you can increase the speed until you're knocking the bottom of the bottle, and working the sides until the contents are smooth once again. Takes maybe 5 minutes. The concept is like a milk shake or malt mixer. Works slick. If you have the dremel the hook costs maybe 2 bucks and is a lot cheaper than ordering new colorants. If the bottle is real full yet pour some of the fluid off before starting with the Dremel and reserve until you have gotten things fluid down about half way then add the liquid back and continue. Keep a paper towel handy.....voice of experience here.

So while its borderline warm enough to get back to the bench in the garage or shop go check those colorants and it they're hard packed, take some time to re-mix them and you'll find that when you hit the bench big time you won't have any surprises.

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Re: Hard packed colorants
« Reply #1 on: 03/04/21 11:52 UTC »
Thanks for the idea! Only problem is I have about twenty bottles to do. LOL