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Something to think about
« on: 03/09/13 08:38 UTC »
Here's a pic of the baby bass listed in the color section.

And here is a picture of the rainbow trout also posted in the color section.

Both are three color baits, both are layered and both are shot identically using the same belly colors. Notice though that the trout's belly is almost a transparent white-pearl. The big difference is the black used as a seperating color.

In the trout pattern, all colors are very transparent and light coming down on the bait can sweep thru the entire bait then reflect back up thru it. In the bass the top color is very transparent as well, but with the black layer the light from above stops when it gets to the black and gets bounced back out thru the green. Not enough light gets run thru the belly color to bring out its transparency because of the black layer above it and it shows up as a denser white-pearl.

When you are creating a bait, one of the things you should give some mental weight to is whether you want the bait to be transparent and really play with light, like the rainbow trout does or do you want to throw in a light blocker to enhance a color. In the end, how a bait looks will be totally dependant on how light plays with the colors you have used. If a thin line of black had been added to the trout over the pearl, the bait would look completely different from what it looks like here.

Just a thought for you......