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Title: Victory panfish hooks
Post by: ctom on 08/03/21 13:39 UTC
I've been casting some of the Victory jig hooks in panfish sizes and can say I am properly impressed with them. I have not had them in the water yet but just working with them has given me a ton of respect for them....they are sharper than any hook I've worked with to this point. I have more than a couple pokes with blood to prove it. Hook to hook consistency seems to be excellent too and that black chrome finish is super....seems much slicker, or, shinier. The leg with the tie eye is slightly longer than comparable hooks which is nice so the line doesn't get crowded at the knot/head and makes a nice size to grip with a forceps for paint-free eyes while painting. The hooks are a winner in my eyes so far. Now for some water/fish time.


Seen here in 1/24 ounce, the size 6 standard hook is on the left with #4 sickles in the heads on the right.

These are painted with my home-spun deep purple powder paint with an abundance of .004 blue micro glitter and just a smidge of Delta [purple to blue to red] color shift pigment. Both the purple and blue are easy to see here. The purple powder comes from Prismatic Powders and is cut 50-50 with clear gloss from the same vendor. Love that shine!
Title: Re: Victory panfish hooks
Post by: Muskygary on 08/03/21 15:30 UTC
Have you tried the new magic craw purple or blue? Wondering about that new purple smoke also!
Title: Re: Victory panfish hooks
Post by: ctom on 08/03/21 16:01 UTC
I have the blue and purple magic colors but have yet to use any on larger heads as they're all painted already. The two colors are in the mix though. That new chartreuse and the purple smoke are on my list to get now. I want to try them on those tiny all metal vibe lure blanks I have.

For the powder paint aficionados, take a peek at . 6500 colors
Title: Re: Victory panfish hooks
Post by: WALLEYE WACKER on 08/04/21 17:04 UTC
Sure like that hook style once they they hit it they don’t come of.