Author Topic: "Blue phase" black crappie  (Read 341 times)

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"Blue phase" black crappie
« on: 04/12/22 11:51 UTC »
My buddy and I hit the local lake this morning and did quite well. Yesterday the weather got pretty warm and the heat in the water hung around overnight and broke the crappies back into some shoreline structure. We brought home 11 fish and two of them were the two in this picture, one a blue crappie compared to the normal black. Beautiful fish. The two in the picture are both around 11-1/2". Four of the crappies were between 12-1/4" and 12-3/8". None of today's fish were under 11-1/4". This is only the third blue phase crappie I have seen from this lake in over 50 years of fishing it.

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Re: "Blue phase" black crappie
« Reply #1 on: 04/13/22 07:07 UTC »
Never seen or maybe ever noticed that
Will be on the lookout for the Blue
tint in the future Thanks