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mini sunfish cranks
« on: 04/16/20 15:13 UTC »
Its was pretty chilly this morning again so I passed on fishing. Since its warmed up nice so I hit the shop to paint up some more of a color pattern that was crazy good early last fall. Pike sure liked them too, but the crappies really enjoyed these. The bodies are .75" in length, only slightly larger than the smallest crank I paint.  These are weighted to sink fairly quick and aren't neutrally buoyant...cast, retrieve. I let them sink for maybe 4 to 6 seconds then crank them in on a moderate retrieve.


Createx pearl goes on as an undercoat with the chartreuse and orange going on next in that order. I have a small, fine comb that I use to apply the vertical barring with transparent black then go right to the back and apply the same black. Shooting thru the comb allows a real faint black go on and when I spray the clear, color shifting blueto purple top coat on I also give the sizes a shot so they too will shift in color slightly. The eyes are 5mm, large for the bait but I'm convinced its the big eyes that make the pattern so good.

With the warm air and sun I set the paint rack outside to let the seal coat dry and in the sun these guys are just something else to see. This picture does not do them justice.

For some size reference, the wires used to hang these are simply standard paper clips nipped off so each end has a hook. These get a size 12 treble hook.


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Re: mini sunfish cranks
« Reply #1 on: 04/16/20 19:17 UTC »
Sweet mini cranks there Tom.
May your days be filled with sun shine and you always have a tight line. AMEN

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Re: mini sunfish cranks
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Those look good!