Author Topic: Lipless walleye chews  (Read 974 times)

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Lipless walleye chews
« on: 10/25/22 09:03 UTC »
These guys are done using Do-It’s #8630 lipless bait 3/8 ounce bodies. All paints are bait blast, just not straight single colors. I’ve combined colors to get what I want. The perch has Attack Series
“Warmouth”2.5 eyes. The others have 2,5 size Attack Series “precision pearl” eyes.

These are quickly becoming my favorite bait to paint.  With the very clear scale embossing even simple color patterns look like a very expensive bait

With falling water temps and millions of Shad being swept thru the dam gates on the Mississippi River, walleyes will be found feasting on the so why not feed them a lookalike?

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Re: Lipless walleye chews
« Reply #1 on: 10/26/22 04:59 UTC »
Nice job Tom! Those will catch fish.