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Re: Weedless Wally
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I saw that Fat Guys Fishing is now making a mold similar enough to the Weedless Wally, but I haven't looked into them. There's enough interest in the head style, but not sure it would be enough for Do It to reproduce the mold, or new versions.

I bought a couple of single cavity molds last year off Ebay, based on the Lee/Lyman type of molds and they pour a similar head. I didn't know it was similar when I bought the molds, as the guy who sold them just called them a tapered head and of course photos on Ebay don't always show details well. The collars are made for tying or a band type of collar, but not really for plastics. I've added a wire keeper, but so far have not really tested them a lot. Here where I am, most jig folks are power anglers who use jigs with heavy wire hooks, but I could see this type of jig having use when finesse jigs are needed. It would have been a great little jig for some of the small streams that I used to fish in MD for LM & SM Bass.

fat guys fishing is great, the molds are awesome, and the customer service is outstanding. i bought a dual injector from them when they first started with injectors, it had an issue so i sent them a message through facebook, not only did they reply super fast but wanted me to give them a call, half an hour conversation later, they had a new setup slated to ship to me, with some improvements that we had talked about. they also respond to messages very quickly on a normal basis. they are the first place i go to when looking for new molds, great guys!